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Lotito’s controversial remarks on Udinese-Roma and Ndicka: “They suspended a game for a yellow card”


Lazio president Claudio Lotito made contentious comments during a National Council meeting of Forza Italia, sharing his opinions on the suspended Udinese v Roma match. According to reports from La Stampa, Lotito engaged in a discussion about football, specifically addressing the recent controversies surrounding the suspension of the Udinese-Roma match due to Evan Ndicka’s illness at the 72nd minute. The fixture has been rescheduled by Serie A for Thursday, April 25th, at 8:00 PM.

Lotito’s statement, as quoted by the newspaper, reads: “Let’s be honest, they stopped a game for a yellow card.” At the time, Ndicka’s condition appeared serious, with initial diagnoses not ruling out a heart attack, leaving the players visibly shaken. It was only after hospital examinations that clarity emerged: a chest trauma. “But then, the game could have resumed the same evening,” Lotito concluded.


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