Lucas Torreira: “I cried when I left Fiorentina”


Uruguayan midfielder Lucas Torreira opened up about his enduring affection for Fiorentina and the city of Florence in a recent interview with ESPN:

“Florence is the city I liked the most, and Fiorentina is a club that has stayed in my heart,” Torreira shared. “I only played there for one year, but I have a lot of affection for that place. I cried when I had to leave, something that has rarely happened to me. I was forced to leave due to factors beyond my control. I didn’t want to leave; I love the city. It was very hard for me.”

Torreira also expressed his disappointment about not being selected by Marcelo Bielsa for the Uruguayan national team. “Not being called up by Bielsa to the national team disappointed me. I haven’t spoken to him since he became the coach.”

Reflecting on his future, Torreira mentioned his commitment to Galatasaray. “I renewed my contract with Galatasaray until 2028, and it will be my last European club. My dream is to return to South America and join my friend Cavani at Boca Juniors. I have already spoken with the president, Riquelme.”


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