Marotta expresses confidence in Inter’s stability: ‘We are on a virtuous path’


Beppe Marotta insisted that he’s not worried about Inter’s situation as the club is ‘very solid’ and ‘on a virtuous path’. The Nerazzurri CEO was speaking ahead of the clubs Scudetto celebrations and explained why the issues regarding the ownership are not something that concerns him at present:

“The matter concerns our shareholders,” Marotta stated. “We are not fully informed about it, and out of respect, it’s not our place to comment extensively.”

Despite the uncertainties, Marotta conveyed confidence in the club’s current state and future prospects. “I can assure you that the club is very solid,” he asserted. “We are on a virtuous path in terms of football performance, and there are no problems. Under President Zhang’s leadership, things have gone very well. He and his family are deeply committed to Inter, and whatever decisions they make will be out of love for the club. I am very optimistic that we can continue in this way.”

When asked if fans should be concerned about the club’s financial health, Marotta’s response was unequivocal. “Absolutely not,” he said. “We are a strong entity with a solid group of players. There is no economic concern.”


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