Marotta: “Oaktree? I have great optimism”



Inter Milan CEO Giuseppe Marotta expressed confidence and optimism about the club’s future while speaking at the Rosa Camuna Awards in Lombardy. The Nerazzurri boss addressed various topics, including the involvement of Oaktree Capital and contract renewals for key figures like Lautaro Martinez and Simone Inzaghi.

Optimism About Oaktree

“We have reassured everyone from day one,” Marotta stated. “Oaktree can provide stability, continuity, and sustainability to the club. Most importantly, they are committed to achieving significant results. Therefore, I can offer great optimism.” These remarks were made during his appearance at the Rosa Camuna Awards, reflecting on the new corporate structure and other topics.

When asked about his potential role as president, Marotta dismissed the notion, saying, “I am a director by nature, and it is appropriate for me to maintain this position. As for choosing between the star or the rose, both can coexist harmoniously. These are significant achievements and recognitions, and experiencing them in Milan is always special.”

Lautaro Martinez’s Contract Renewal

Regarding Lautaro Martinez’s contract renewal, Marotta conveyed a sense of calm and confidence. “There is no concern. These are typical negotiations and discussions in the football world, especially at this stage of the season,” he explained. “Lautaro has a strong sense of belonging to this club and city, which will undoubtedly facilitate negotiations with his agent. There is no rush; we will proceed calmly. Today, we have other business priorities, and in due time, we will address these matters if we can even consider them as such.”

Simone Inzaghi’s Future

Marotta also touched upon the future of head coach Simone Inzaghi. “The same applies to Inzaghi as to Lautaro: he has proven to be competent and successful. It is clear that we want to continue this journey and extend his contract. It is not just about trust; we want to ensure he can work in a serene environment, and his tenure can continue for a long time.”


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