Marotta: “Zhang requested Inzaghi’s renewal, everyone wants to stay”


Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta confirmed that the club want to renew Simone Inzaghi’s contract but there will be no summer revolution in the transfer market. Interviewed on the sidelines of an event organized by Il Foglio at San Siro, report Marotta’s comments on the club, plans for the future and impending contract renewals:

“The 95 minutes the other night, fought until the last corner kick. Then, an important tension ended. We became Italian champions, won the second star, and it was something extraordinary.”

“When you win, there are expressions of esteem from many. It’s gratifying for everyone. But we must also recognize the important role of the coach and the team. They have always had a strong organization behind them, and you don’t win without a strong organization. A winning model emerged from this.”

“We want to continue this evolutionary process, not a revolutionary one. Simone Inzaghi is not up for debate, and following Zhang’s indication, we will extend his contract. We won’t revolutionize the team and will aim for sustainability while still striving for other winning objectives.”

“The cycle hasn’t just started, but there’s still room for improvement and expectations. We want this team to return to maintaining the role of protagonist that is recognized for it.”

Barella and Lautaro announcement within two weeks? I’d rather speak of extensions than renewals. There’s no rush because there’s no deadline. We want to analyze the player pool and consequently evaluate these extensions. We want to build a solid core.”

“Expensive acquisitions to be excluded? We don’t rule out anything. Maintaining this squad would mean maintaining a winning group. Two acquisitions have already been made. With Ausilio, we’ll work to bolster what is already a strong squad.”

“Are there untouchables if offers come in? I believe in football, you can’t talk about untouchability. Clubs are no longer owners of players, and destiny is in their hands. All the players we have have expressed the desire to stay. We are Inter, where could they go that’s better?”

“At the beginning of the season when I met the 12 acquisitions, I got to know them from a human perspective. We understood that the group had become a team, and with a leader like Inzaghi, there were the conditions to go far. After a few matches, we realized it.”

“Inzaghi? In the sports world, second or third place is often considered a failure. Maybe it’s the result of some mistakes, but we need to focus on the substance, try to understand how to improve. Inzaghi has always fit these profiles; there was no need for the club to change him. We didn’t win because others were better than us, not just because we made mistakes. I repeat, you can’t always win; you have to consider 4-5 years. We’ve accumulated more points in this timeframe than anyone else in Serie A, which speaks in favor of the staff.”

“Did the Istanbul defeat make us stronger? Absolutely yes, we learned that in sports, you need to be ambitious regardless of the opponent. Being ambitious doesn’t mean being arrogant. We played a great game, maybe we deserved something more, but that experience helped us build a self-determination that every goal can be achieved.”

“Is there a method to success? More than a method, I’d say a model. I’ve never seen a team win without a strong organization behind it. The primary task of the organization and executives is to create the team, then make themselves available to this group. If the organization isn’t strong, neither is the team. A winning team has a very important organizational work behind it. In the organization, I also include playing in front of 70,000 fans, which means the player walks on the grass but is lifted 20 cm. Everything he does is accompanied.”

“In all my experience, there’s a 50% sports component and a 50% human and psychological aspect. The champion combines qualities with values, a great sense of belonging, a desire to win. If this combination exists, the goal can be achieved, but there needs to be a passing of values from the core group to the new ones.”

“Who surprised me the most? Thuram certainly surprised us the most, but everyone proved themselves up to the situation.”

“The football world is often considered manageable by owners who think they have specific skills to manage a difficult world like football for its various components. If there’s no strong concept of competence, it’s hard to win. Competence also means delegating to those destined for top roles. A sports club must have executives who express this concept of competence.”

“Zhang? As an intelligent person, he understood that if he can’t directly act on everything, he entrusted us with the concept of delegation, the tool that helps us work. Then he’s always informed; we’re responsible. If something goes wrong, it’s our fault, not the ownership’s.”

“The future? This is an aspect that concerns ownership and not Inter directly. I’m sure that ownership will issue a statement or provide official news shortly. I can reassure everyone that Zhang has confirmed the intention to continue with us. We’re happy to continue with him; he understands what it means to be a president, allowing us to work. I’m sure we’ll reach a positive conclusion.”

“Which scudetti do I hold dear? I have two. The first one I won. When you win the first one, it’s always something special; I can’t forget it with Conte at Juventus. And then, I’d say the first one won at Inter. But the one won on Monday is special; it coincides with the second star, and that’s not something everyone has. In Italy, only two clubs have it, and that’s the greatest pride.”


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