Milan President Scaroni stirs controversy: ‘I’d pack Leao’s bags for €150m’


In a candid moment at the Quirinale during the traditional June 2nd reception hosted by President Mattarella, Milan president Paolo Scaroni made a statement that is bound to ignite controversy among the club’s fans. While engaging with a supporter at the buffet, Scaroni was asked about the club’s transfer market plans. His response was unequivocal: “Our priority right now is a center forward.”

However, it was his comment regarding the potential sale of star player Rafael Leao that truly raised eyebrows. “If someone offers us €150 million, I’ll package him up. I’m very pragmatic,” Scaroni stated. These words, overheard by a journalist from Agenzia Dire, underscore Scaroni’s willingness to part with Leao if the price is right, in pursuit of finding a suitable successor to Olivier Giroud.

Scaroni’s remarks highlight Milan’s strategic focus on strengthening their attack, even if it means making tough decisions about key players. The president’s pragmatic approach, emphasizing financial gain and reinvestment in the squad, reflects a broader strategy aimed at long-term success. However, this stance is sure to spark debate among the Rossoneri faithful, who hold Leao in high regard.


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