Moratti: “How wonderful to win the second star before Milan”


Former Inter president and club owner Massimo Moratti praised the Nerazzurri for their title win, adding a second star to their shirt. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Moratti was full of praise for coach Simone Inzaghi and their squad:

Massimo Moratti, what do you remember about May 15, 1966, when Inter beat Lazio to win the first-star scudetto?

“The first star came at a time of great victories. In those days, we had won the Intercontinental Cup just a few months earlier and lost the Champions League semifinal to Real Madrid. Winning trophies was quite a habit, but it remains a wonderful emotion.”

Did you ever think that it would take another 58 years to win the second star?

“It’s true that at the time we were the strongest, but there are always cycles, and winning another ten league titles isn’t easy. If it hadn’t been for Juventus, we would have arrived sooner…”

Are you still connected to someone from that first-star team?

“I had a special affection for Mario Corso, a lovely person who was very close to our family, as well as an extraordinary footballer. In that championship, Facchetti scored 10 goals, almost all in important matches. Then, with Cipe, an even more special relationship was created. A true friend whom I still miss so much.”

Does Inzaghi’s team play more beautiful football than the Grande Inter?

“The way this Inter plays is quite unique. It always entertains you, never giving you slow and boring football like others do. Although a comparison between such distant eras is impossible, considering that I have never even made comparisons between players from then and now, Herrera’s football was in some ways the most beautiful in the world. He reached the goal with three passes… Now it would be impossible.”

What would you say to those who argue that Inter have won 19 scudetti and not 20?

“Without everything we know, we would already be at 25.”

How much did you enjoy winning the star in the derby?

“The derby is always a special match. And the first leg had shown that if Inter plays like Inter, there is no match.”

How much did you enjoy winning the second star before Milan?

“Now, that’s really something great.”

What do you think of Inter’s season?

“Very positive. The second star at the end of a dominant season mitigates the disappointment of the Champions League, a cruel competition where you can go out for nothing. Disappointments that must be accepted. Think of City, who attacked Real for 120 minutes and still went out…”

What emotions does this star evoke in you? How much do you feel it is also yours?

“Being a sum of league titles, I am pleased to have contributed.”

Who is the symbol of this scudetto?

“Barella. Perhaps also because he is the first to come to mind, being everywhere on the field. But it truly belongs to everyone, to Dimarco, who embodies the essence of Inter, to Calhanoglu and Mkhitaryan, who had a wonderful season, to Lautaro, who is a force of nature.”

What do Herrera and Inzaghi have in common?

Laughs. “Practically nothing. Inzaghi has his own qualities that allow him to make the team play well and keep the dressing room united. Herrera was a volcano.”


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