Moratti: ‘It’s annoying to be accused by those who behaved badly’


Former Inter president Massimo Moratti commented on RAI’s investigation into Calciopoli, saying it is ‘very annoying to be accused by those who behaved badly.’ The former Nerazzurri owner was asked for his thoughts on the ‘Report’ program which was aired in Italy yesterday, and touched on the aftermath of the 2006 Calciopoli affair. Speaking with, Moratti explained why the program was a ‘great annoyance’ and weighed in who he believes could replace Simone Inzaghi on the Inter bench:

“I did not directly watch last night’s Report broadcast, only a few clips today but it seemed to me like someone who pulls out an old dream and repeats it over and over again. Little lies that have been repeated for a lifetime but we pull on.”

“The Juve and Inter situations? When you behave normally and you are accused by those who behaved badly. It is a great annoyance.”

“Things are remembered in a particular way. It is a total lack of class even if they are small things. It is considerable vulgarity but let’s leave it at that.”

“Claim for damages? Why have I never done that? The idea never crossed my mind.”

“Inter v Benfica? I have never seen such an up and down performance as Inter at the moment. It’s a strange situation, we need to focus on tomorrow’s game. I hope they don’t struggle with Benfica and repeat the first leg game.”

“There used to be more lively criticism from journalists. When you have important goals, you can be more easily targeted and challenged.”

“We have been saying it for years that big teams would end up in the hands of funds. There is no longer a family but it is not negative. Although you have more difficulty in planning a real project. At the moment I don’t see how a family can intervene so decisively in the management of a club. I could never come back.”

“Thiago Motta? He has been an intelligent player and is proving it as a coach, especially now at  Bologna. About Inter I cannot say anything. He is a pragmatic guy who aims for results.”

“Conte or Mourinho? I am always in favor of changes that lead to results or new hopes.”


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