Moratti: “Me returning to Inter? Who knows what the future holds…’


Former Inter president Massimo Moratti played down any suggestion that he could return to the club, but refused to rule it out fully. In an interview with the weekly magazine “Oggi,” the former Nerazzuri president shared insights into the club’s change in ownership from Zhang to the Oaktree fund. When asked about the possibility of the Moratti family returning to Inter in the future, his response was candid yet hopeful:

“I don’t see it as an easy feat, but I don’t rule it out. Every evening, my wife asks me if I’ve bought Inter again, and I always have to come up with a new excuse to justify myself. Buying Inter is no small commitment. Our children Mao and Giovanni are passionate fans. Even Carlotta, who travels the world as the president of Inter Campus. For us, it’s still too recent an experience. But as a young man, I never thought I’d become the president of Inter, then I changed my mind. So, who knows what the future holds…”

Moratti also reflected on the changing landscape of football ownership. “Buying and maintaining Inter at the top comes with significant costs. A single entrepreneur today cannot manage it alone. Even Real Madrid is burdened with debts… Being a president-fan today is more challenging. It can exist within a company with lower costs.”

Regarding the recent change in ownership, Moratti commented, “Oaktree is very solid. But we need to see its intentions. The debt is so high that I don’t believe they can leave it as it is. And we’ve seen that winning while balancing the books is impossible.”


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