Nesta gives first Monza press conference: “I worked hard to reach this level”


Alessandro Nesta gave his first press conference as new Monza coach, ably assisted by Adriano Galliani, who expressed his delight at securing the coach. The pair previously worked together at Milan, and speaking to the gathered press, Galliani explained why he was a natural choice to replace Rafaelle Palladino:

Adriano Galliani’s statements:

“Some loves take immense journeys… From August 31, 2002 to today. We chose Alessandro Nesta after many analyses of the playing styles of the managers we targeted. We realized he was the most similar to Palladino. Hence the choice. If a team doesn’t want to change dozens of players, if it has done well with players who will be the backbone of next season, and with a style of play, you need a manager with the same philosophy.”

He continued: “I chose this date because exactly eighteen years ago Alessandro became World Champion. In 2002 I struggled to get his yes, I had to court him longer. He was one of the best defenders in history, with Ancelotti we understood that with him we would win the Champions League. Those who have had him have always been very happy with him, including Riccardo Silva in Miami whom I spoke to. Even Sacchi had never coached in Serie A, the important thing is to coach Monza. I know more things about Alessandro’s history and life than Alessandro himself…”

Galliani also added: “It was Alessandro who guided Thiago Silva, not the other way around. To say how strong he was. Without Silva, Nesta played equally well, but it wasn’t the opposite. I always say: wine improves food, but it’s never the opposite. I was helped by Modesto and the rest of the staff. We had come to a shortlist of three managers. The formation will be 3-4-2-1. In the last two championships we got 97 points: I ask Nesta to do the same (smiles).”

He also remembered his friend Berlusconi: “I sit in the Senate in Berlusconi’s seat. Every morning I think about what he would have done. He was my life mentor. And I believe he is happy with the choice of Nesta. I still speak of him in the present. I had the fortune to intertwine my life with that of a genius. Twice I saw his eyes sparkle: with the first Champions League in ’89 in Barcelona against Steaua, and in Pisa two years ago, the day of the promotion. It was one of the last joys of his life. The National Team? It has become a ground for political clash, we have left the normal dialectic of won and lost matches. This is not good. It’s a system clash.”

And on the transfer market he added: “Szczesny? There is no negotiation, meaning the word literally. But between negotiation, rumor, suggestion there is a big difference… Daniel Maldini? I call it a suggestion.

In attack we are many: Carboni left, then you don’t know what happens… Forson? We believe a lot in him. And there’s also Petagna. Numerically we are covered in all roles. Thirty players will start in the training camp.”

Nesta’s words at the press conference

The new manager’s words: “I worked hard to reach this level. I studied and worked a lot to get here. Working with a person with whom I have a relationship like the one with Galliani brings a particular responsibility. Seeing the sports center I found President Berlusconi’s hand. The stadium is different from when I saw it for the first time years ago, the hand is seen and felt. Together with Galliani we won and lost a lot, it was an amazing journey. Finding ourselves after more than twenty years is strange but very beautiful.”

Nesta then continued: “The negotiation lasted two seconds. I didn’t think about anything, it didn’t seem real. I remember once at Controcampo, we were both guests and behind the scenes Dr. Galliani told me: whoever plays at Milan is always happy. That’s how he convinced me. I called Palladino, I told Raffaele: you got too many points. After him it’s hard, I have to work a lot. Last year the team gave its best with a five-man defense. The first thing to do is to understand the team well, the characteristics. We are open to everything, we will only see certain things during the training camp. Everyone in July and August talks about dominating the game. Then by the fourth round many pull back. We don’t make proclamations: we study the team and try to put everyone in the best conditions. Paolo Maldini? I heard from him a month ago, but we didn’t talk about Daniel. Paolo is just being a dad.”

On Monza-Reggiana 1-2 first match of last season: “It was August football, it counts up to a certain point. I know there is skepticism about me, but I’ve had pressure on me since I was born. If I hadn’t enjoyed it I would have stayed in Miami. There are young players in the squad, it can give you more pleasure to train them compared to others. But on the market I didn’t ask for anything, I know that Dr. Galliani is a guarantee. We will do based on what we can.”


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