Nesta: ‘Milan can start a new era’


Former Milan defender Alessandro Nesta believes the Rossoneri can start a new era for the club following their Scudetto victory. The Azzurri legends spoke with Corriere della Sera and was full of praise for the new direction of the club and coach Stefano Pioli:

“Milan can start a new era. Last year they won by surprise but with merit, and now they can repeat that. Players, personalities, experience: the second star is within reach. I was more skeptical last year. The team has grown and then the other sides are in difficulty. I imagine a head to head with Napoli. They are the teams with the clearest ideas: club, coach, players. There is a precise planning.

Pioli? I have always considered him an excellent coach, even when he was at Lazio and Fiorentina, but I didn’t imagine he would be this good . He did a great job.”


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