Nicolas Dominguez: ‘I waited for AC Milan but I am happy in the Premier League’


Former Bologna midfielder Nicolas Dominguez revealed he was waiting for AC Milan before making the move to Nottingham Forest. The Argentine international spoke with about his switch to England this summer and the obvious differences he’s encountered between the Premier League and Serie A:

“I knew because they told me, but coming to the Premier League is another world. This is another league and I am really very happy to be here.”

“I believe that the Premier League is now the strongest league in the world, here all the matches are difficult. And that’s why my Argentine compatriots all come here. This league gives you visibility in the world and I, who have only been here a month, already see that. I repeat, I am happy to be here.”

“The biggest difference between Italy and England is that your football is more tactical. And from this point of view I grew up a lot in Italy, I will bring what I learnt here. The intensity between the two leagues is a bit similar but in the Premier League it is maybe a bit more maintained than in Italy. But there is no doubt that the biggest difference is on the tactical level.

“Who would win between Bologna and Nottingham Forest? ‘I don’t know (laughs ed.). It will be tough, but I see that they are playing well. I watched their game against Empoli which they won and then they also drew against Inter. I have many friends in Bologna and my daughter was born in Bologna. My heart will always be there’.

“Milan’s interest in me? Yes, there was talk about it and I read a bit about it. I also waited for the Rossoneri but nothing… I am happy with the choice to come here. Life here is a bit different to Italy, but both my family and I are very happy here. If I have to be honest, I don’t miss Italy that much. We Argentines are used to so many cultures…. Having said that, I thought the adaptation to football would be more difficult.”

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