Palladino: “It’s a dream to be at Fiorentina”


Raffaele Palladino gave his first press conference as the new head coach of Fiorentina, saying it’s a dream to be at the club. Palladino was confirmed as Vincenzo Italiano’s successor earlier this month, and was presented to the media at the clubs Commisso Viola Park media centre earlier today:

“For me, Florence is a wonderful milestone. Two years ago, I was coaching the Primavera team; for me, this is a dream. I will give my all, working every moment for this club. I don’t like to make promises, but I will give everything to satisfy the fans because arriving at the Franchi is incredible, and they are a strength. It’s important to have them on our side. I came very prepared because Fiorentina is a great team. Italiano achieved fantastic goals, and there’s a strong foundation, thanks also to the club. A path has been set, and it must be continued. The squad is strong, there’s great harmony and unity with the club. There’s great empathy, and we are evaluating everything. We want to work for the good of this club.”

On Viola Park and the Players

“I have spoken with all the players, from the first to the last, because I need to know the person before the player. I engage with them, and sometimes they even give you ideas. I love my players; you always need to motivate them. They seemed eager, despite coming off an intense season. They have a great desire to start again. Viola Park is amazing: this is the most beautiful sports center I’ve seen. When you enter here, you realize the greatness of this club and its ambitions. The president has done something unique, and I also want to mention Joe Barone, whom I haven’t met, but who put his heart into building it.”

On the Squad

“We are in a construction phase. We have the ambition to do well. Our team must know how to play football, must want to entertain and control the game. I see a lot of positivity in the environment, and this gives me hope.”

On the Formation

“As for the system of play, I’m not a purist; I like to change and experiment. I believe in the principles of play, not in a specific system. Fiorentina has great players who can change formation. My idea would be to start with a three-man defense, but Fiorentina has been playing 4-3-3 for years. The important thing is that the players are willing. The initial structure could be a three-man defense.”

On the Striker

“A striker who scores is very important. Here, strikers of a certain value have passed through, and people expect an important profile. I hope something can come. The skill of every coach is to understand who is available and put them in the best conditions to perform well. With the club, we have discussed the characteristics, and based on what is done, I will try to exploit those characteristics. If I have Djuric, I have to play one way; if I have a striker who plays differently, we will play differently.”

On Beltran

“I also spoke with him; he has important characteristics. For me, he can play both as a second striker, as he did last year, and as a main striker. I liked his feedback. The important thing is the principles.”

On Commisso

“I spoke with him on the phone, and I will speak with him again today. He is always present. I was struck by his great ambition, and I can’t wait to meet him. People talk about him as a generous person with great values.”

On the Goalkeeper

“We are happy with Terracciano; we are counting on him. Then, with the club, we discuss the situations that could arise. I spoke with him, and I liked him. I am happy with the goalkeepers we have.”

On Europe

“In recent years, a great path has been taken. For me, it is stimulating. It gives you responsibility. Obviously, we try to do our best. I don’t want to make promises, but together with the players, we want to build something important.”

On Bonaventura, Castrovilli, and Duncan

“I have spoken with everyone; they are still under contract, and we are making evaluations with the club for the good of Fiorentina. In the coming days, you will know everything you need to know.”

On Nico Gonzalez

“I know Nico well because when I played against him, he was difficult to face. He is a real guy who makes a difference. I can’t wait to coach him. His position is as a right attacking midfielder, but he can play in multiple positions because he is an intelligent player, and the more we have, the better.”

On the Young Players

“I believe a lot in young players. I called them too, and they are fundamental in today’s football. I like working with them; at Monza, I had many. I also spoke with Galloppa, with whom I played. We will involve them in training camp, and then it will be up to them to convince me.”

On the Objective

“Of course, I will ask for quality players to raise the bar, but the club is following profiles thanks to the great scouting area. Then it’s not simple; the market has many variables. The same goes for departures; there will be a lot of sharing.”

On Ikone

“I haven’t managed to speak with him; I know about this open situation. We will see with the club in the coming days.”

On Sottil

“These are players with legs and creativity, and I have to be good at finding the right key. Talking with him was a pleasure, and then it will be up to him to show his value.”


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