Palladino: “The Empoli defeat brought us back down to earth”


Monza secured a 1-0 victory against Sassuolo, with Andrea Colpani scoring the decisive goal and giving the Brianzoli three points that had been elusive for over a month. After the match, Monza’s coach, Raffaele Palladino, shared his thoughts with DAZN, reflecting on the win and the impact of the recent defeat to Empoli.

“I thanked the boys; it was a victory for the group. I told them that we must always have this spirit. If you fight together, you win together. We have a very clear identity, but we also need to defend as a team. Today was a great response, but I was calm. Already during the week, I had seen an excellent attitude. Losing to Empoli hurt us a lot. It probably made us reflect on many things. We had a big meeting all together, and the boys expressed their feelings. Losing in that way is ugly, but it brings you back down to earth. We faced a strong team,

“The new arrivals? I saw the newcomers on the field very well. These are guys I chose together with the directors. We chose real men before footballers. Then we needed some important characteristics, and Djuric and Zerbin showed them. I also want to thank Bondo, Izzo, and everyone else for their contribution. We have to think game after game with this mentality. We want to compete with everyone, but we shouldn’t look too far ahead. Saturday in Udine will be tough, but we want to face it.”

“Galliani always supports us, gives us energy and grit. He is a great executive, understands the moments. After Empoli, he gave us serenity and support. This is a great added value. I consider myself fortunate to have been chosen by him. He gives me many very useful pieces of advice; for me, it’s fundamental.”


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