Pioli: “I have a good relationship with the management”


Stefano Pioli admits the criticism of his Milan side has been harsh and is ‘sorry’ for the situation involving some of the clubs fans. The Rossoneri routed Cagliari 5-1 at the San Siro, but there were banners and silence from parts of the Curva, who are protesting the clubs performances this season. Speaking with Sky Sport Italia, Pioli admitted that the win was an important one, having gone winless for the 6 matches before it:

 “An extremely important victory. We haven’t been accustomed in recent years to not winning for a long period. We faced a difficult and complicated moment after our exit from the Europa League and the defeat in the derby. We felt the impact of this situation. It was crucial to win and improve our position in the table. Congratulations to the players who didn’t deliver a perfect performance, but it was enough to secure the result we needed.”

Regarding the decisions made: “The coach’s decisions are often seen as punishments, but that’s not the case. We hadn’t won in six matches, so I had to do something. Some players have expended a lot of energy in this demanding season, while others are mentally fresher. I made changes because I felt some were fresher, perhaps because they had played less. Those who didn’t start reacted as I expected, with determination and anger when they were sent onto the field.”

On comparisons with Inter’s season: “No team managed to maintain Inter’s level. This group worked hard and gave their all, but we couldn’t sustain that level. We’re a strong team that tried, but at certain moments of the season, we couldn’t overcome certain obstacles. Others were stronger than everyone, not just us.”

Regarding his relationship with the Rossoneri management: “I have an excellent relationship with my directors, both past and present. We’re a big club with high expectations. The criticism has been harsh, just as the compliments were exhilarating when things went well. It’s part of our job. I’ve accepted it and try to help the team overcome difficult moments and play good football.”

Finally, on his connection with the fans and his future: “I’m sorry about the situation with the fans because we were very proud of the symbiosis that has accompanied us until now. I hope, for Milan’s future, that things can be resolved, and I’m confident they will be. As for the future? There are still two matches, then we’ll see. I hope the Milan environment regains the strength and energy that allowed us to achieve incredible milestones.”


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