Pogba counter-analysis due on October 5


The counter-analysis on Paul Pogba’s positive doping test is expected to be carried out on October 5 and could result in the players contract being terminated. The French midfielder tested positive for testosterone following the Bianconeri’s victory over Udinese in August, and has been suspended from playing as a result.

Numerous reports have circulated in the Italian press, suggesting the additional testosterone could have been the result of creams prescribed by an American doctor, but Pogba has yet to clarify.

The Frenchman is also expected to appear in court today as part of the trial into his alleged extorsion at the hands of his brother and some of his childhood friends which dates back to March 2022, shortly before his return to Juventus.

Pogba is currently suspended by the Anti-Doping Commission and has requested a counter-analysis and according to Sportface, this second test will take place on Thursday, October 5.

The French international could see his contract terminated by the club if the second test comes back positive and he’s found guilty of doping in a sporting trial. For the moment, he is earning the minimum salary for a Serie A footballer, reportedly around €2,000 per month.


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