Pogba: “I’m not finished. I still feel like a footballer”


Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, currently suspended for doping, has spoken out about his future and his current situation with the club. In an exclusive interview with Sky Sport, Pogba addressed rumours about his retirement and his contractual status with Juventus.

NATIONAL TEAM – “It’s wonderful to feel the love of the people again. I felt a great deal of affection despite being away from the pitch for a while.”

SUSPENSION – “If you haven’t seen an interview where I say I’m retiring, it means it’s not true, because I still feel like a footballer. I want to fight this injustice. An old and false interview has recently surfaced. Pogba is not finished, Pogba is here, and until you see me say I’m finished, rest assured. I have an incredible desire to return, I feel like a child who wants to be a professional.”

CONTRACT WITH JUVENTUS – “According to the latest news, I’m still a Juventus player. I have a contract, but I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with the director or the coach… there’s silence. I think they’re waiting for the result of the appeal, but you should ask them.”

Pogba also touched on the support he’s received from fans, noting that he felt “great love” despite being away from the pitch for some time. This public appearance and interview come as Pogba attended the Euro 2024 match between Belgium and France, which ended 1-0 in favor of France.


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