Raffaele Palladino Anticipates Tough Battle Against Udinese


Monza’s head coach, Raffaele Palladino, addressed the media in a press conference, providing insights into the upcoming challenging clash against Udinese. Palladino acknowledged the physicality and solid defense of Udinese, emphasizing the difficulty in devising a strategy against them. He highlighted Udinese’s recent performances against strong opponents like Milan, setting the stage for what he anticipates to be a formidable battle:

“Udinese is one of the most physical teams, defends well, and it’s not easy to adopt a strategy against them. We have quality players, but tomorrow’s match will be a battle, as evidenced by Udinese’s recent performances against strong teams like Milan. It will be a tough game because teams behind push,” Palladino stated during the press conference.

The coach then shifted his focus to assess the current state of the Monza squad and shared his thoughts on the transfer market. “After Empoli, we bounced back; the team reacted with grit and determination against Sassuolo. I judge the market positively; the integration of the new players has been excellent. They have integrated well, they have quality, Djuric showed it on Sunday, then Maldini, Zerbin, everyone has the desire to grow and is important,” Palladino commented.

Providing updates on player fitness, Palladino mentioned, “Unfortunately, Vignato still has issues with the adductors; he should be available in the coming weeks, but, like Caprari, he is currently out. Popovic is still not training with the team, doing a separate workout; he will join the group next week. Gagliardini was out last week, but today he returns to the team and should be called up.”

Palladino expressed the team’s aspirations, stating, “It would be important to string together a series of victories even though it’s not easy in Serie A. In Udine, we will have to do something extraordinary; we have a compact squad, and today, everyone is focused on tomorrow’s match, and we want to earn as many points as possible.”


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