Ravanelli: “The Juventus coach cannot say such a thing”


Former Juventus striker and club legend Fabrizio Ravanelli has criticized Allegri’s post-match comments following the game against Atalanta. During the television program “Pressing Penna Bianca,” Ravanelli did not hold back in criticizing the current Juventus coach’s words:

“For me, as the coach of Juventus, he (Allegri) cannot make those statements; Max made a mistake. He cannot say that we gained a point on Bologna as the Juventus coach. He coaches Juventus; in my opinion, he made a mistake. It’s a message that, in my opinion, he shouldn’t even send within the locker room.”

This isn’t the first time the former Old Lady attacker has spoken out about the Livorno-born coach, as he has also discussed his future. Ravanelli had also expressed his thoughts on Allegri’s future on the Juventus bench some time ago:

“I believe the most important thing for him is to understand if this Juventus, with a few additions, can be competitive both in the Champions League and in the league. He will want certainty and players of great quality. That’s why I’m not convinced he can remain on the Juventus bench. Fans are not happy with this Juventus, especially because after the game against Inter, it melted away like snow in the sun.”


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