Ravenelli: “If Allegri Leaves Juventus, I Can Only See Two Potential Replacements….”


Former Juventus striker Fabrizio Ravanelli believes the Bianconeri will bounce back from their recent run of poor form: “They need to bounce back with pride.” A four match run without a win has seen The Old Lady drop firmly out of the title race, and speaking with Tuttosport, Ravanelli explained what the team needs to do to return to winning ways, as well as who he could see replacing coach Max Allegri:

“The players, especially the key ones, now need to show their personality and bounce back with pride. I don’t recall such a difficult period with just 2 points earned in 4 games during my years at Juventus,” he expressed. “I understand it’s not easy to move on from the disappointment of seeing Inter pull away, but now it’s time to get back on track. The conditions are still there for a strong end to the season with the second place to defend and the Coppa Italia to aim for.”

“The trident? These players don’t have the characteristics to sustain it for a whole game. They lack stamina, as they say. Yildiz doesn’t have the ability to track back defensively while maintaining freshness and clarity in attack. The same goes for Chiesa. The closer you bring them to the goal, the more lethal they can be. But if they have to work on the flanks, they risk losing their sparkle and clarity in the final third. To play with the three up front, another system of play would be needed. Juventus could use Yildiz and Chiesa as attacking midfielders behind Vlahovic to maximize their offensive qualities while preserving their energy.”

“Soule back at Juve? Certainly. The Argentine is ready to return to Juventus and be part of the squad. This time as a key player. Soule has shown great personality. In this sense, he had already demonstrated character last year, putting on a great performance at San Siro against Inter. The ball at Matias’s feet doesn’t faze him, and he always knows what to do. Matias’s talent is unquestionable; I like him a lot.”

“What’s missing compared to Inter? Inter is very strong: they have a deep and well-structured squad. Next year, Juventus will need a deep squad to compete at the highest levels in the league, Champions League, and possibly the Club World Cup. Several additions are needed at Juventus to bridge the gap with Inter.”

“Transfers? Up front, they need a partner for Vlahovic who can also give him a breather on certain occasions. They also lack a couple of wingers and at least two important midfielders to raise the level and get closer to Inter.”

“The players Juve are linked to? They are all excellent players doing important things, but to immediately return to the top, international-level and more experienced players are needed.”

“Allegri’s future? It will be up to Max to decide his future and that of Juventus. If he chooses to stay, I believe Juventus will hold onto him tightly. Therefore, it all depends on him.”

“Allegri has done important work so far. Last year, despite the upheaval within the club and the great difficulties faced with the penalty, he secured third place and Champions League qualification on the field. It was not easy to achieve amid the myriad issues. This year, he has overperformed the players for half the season, keeping pace with Inter, which was and remains superior. The numbers speak for themselves: Massimiliano Allegri may or may not appeal in terms of style of play, but he remains a great coach. The results speak for him and in his favor.”

“If Allegri leaves? I see only two names for Juventus… If they want a certainty, I say Conte. I played with Antonio: he is a born winner, and moreover, he knows the environment very well. Otherwise, if the club intends to focus on a young and emerging coach from the province as happened with Lippi, I would go for Thiago Motta, who has shown himself to be a great coach. I consider the Italo-Brazilian ready to lead a top club.”


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