Rocco Commisso: “We Must Compete with Teams who are Debt-Ridden Up to Their Necks”


Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso penned a letter to the Viola fans, seemingly taking aim at their Serie A rivals.  The letter doesn’t lack passages with a touch of controversy, especially in the final part, where the Italo-American tycoon doesn’t mince words about the debt situation of some Serie A teams:

“Since my arrival in Florence, I have reiterated that I would never make promises without being sure of being able to keep them, and in the same way, I have said from the outset that Fiorentina, under my ownership, would never risk bankruptcy, as has happened in the past.

“For years, we have been asking for transparency and equal rules for everyone, but almost nothing has changed, and we find ourselves having to compete with other clubs deep in debt who act as if everything is normal.

“There are companies resorting to continuous increases in capital with still considerable debt exposures, following the Covid situation and the Super League issue. I hope that finally something can change because the companies that respect every single rule and have zero debts cannot be equated with those that manage to survive only due to the lack of application of precise regulations.”


Serie A obsessive.