Roma planning changes in attack, including potential Abraham sale


Roma are reportedly planning significant changes to their attacking lineup this summer, which include the sale of Tammy Abraham. Sky Sport report that Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku will return to Chelsea after his expensive loan spell, and the futures of Abraham and Paulo Dybala remain uncertain. Additionally, goalkeeper Mile Svilar may be sacrificed to finance incoming transfers.

Major Changes Ahead

Sky report that the new Roma will start with a revamped attack as the club has no intention of retaining Lukaku due to his high costs and perceived decline. Abraham is unlikely to replace him, as his physical and mental fragility makes him an unsuitable leader for the offensive line. Finding a buyer for Abraham might be challenging, but the club is determined to sell him.

The Dybala Dilemma

While Dybala’s technical skills are unquestionable, his total playing time and frequent muscle injuries are concerns for the club, particularly considering his hefty salary, which will rise to €8 million next year. The club will attempt to negotiate a spread of his salary over multiple years. In the meantime, new sporting director Ghisolfi aims to secure fresh resources, addressing the issue of low asset value in the current squad.

Funding the Market

Some sacrifices are necessary, and the sale of Svilar, who has grown significantly under De Rossi, could provide much-needed financial relief for Roma’s coffers. This move would free up funds for new acquisitions, allowing the club to rebuild its attacking force effectively.


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