Sarri: ‘In the next few days I’ll assess whether it’s all my fault. If yes, I’ll be the first to leave’


Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri says he is ready to quit the club, if the problems with their form lie with him. The Biancocelesti slumped toa  2-1 defeat away to Salernitana yesterday, and after the match, Sarri explained why he believes they weren’t able to hold onto their lead:

“We did too little, it is useless to justify ourselves for a dreadful refereeing error: Gyomber should have been sent off. But if we analyse the match we did too little. If no one returns like last year, it’s also my fault”.

“Immobile’s goal? We can be pleased for him. We got to shoot too rarely, there’s something wrong”

“If you go back onto the pitch thinking you can manage, it’s clear you risk losing. I hope the Champions League is another story, I’m worried about the mentality of a team that is struggling to find itself. Zaccagni? It’s a hip joint problem, it’s not muscular. He’ll undergo tests.”

“Lotito? I don’t know what he wants to do. If I were the president, I would intervene heavily, I’m not an advocate of going into ritiro but I would do something to break the inertia. The team has lost personality, initiative. After the goal in the second half we came back to manage fifty minutes. That’s not in our nature.

“There is something that doesn’t work, if I was sure it was only my fault I would leave. However, I don’t understand where I differ from last year, this year I’m much more pressing. If in the next few days I assess that it is my fault I will be the first to make the decision to leave by talking to the president.”


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