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Sarri: “We Were Losing the Taste for Fun”


Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri says his Lazio side were losing the taste for fun following a 3-1 victory over Cagliari. The Biancocelesti returned to victory thanks to Deiola’s own goal, Ciro Immobile’s 200th Serie A goal, and Felipe Anderson’s contribution. At the end of the match, Sarri commented on the match to DAZN.

 “For us, if Ciro returns to score regularly, it’s excellent. But the years pass, and finding consistency in training and playing time is necessary to prevent physical issues. But if he regains continuity, it’s important for us. We hope he can continue like this. For a team to have fun is fundamental. We’re not talking about superficiality but collective enjoyment. If a team enjoys themselves on the field, often those watching also enjoy it. Today, at times, we did it, in a tough match. It could have become a dirty game, and they are dangerous in those situations. At home, they are mid-table. We shouldn’t have left the match open at the end. Mentally, we did well to immediately take control of the game after 2-1.”

The Lazio coach then continued: “Everyone says we’re a team in difficulty, but in the last 7 matches, we’ve earned 16 points, with an average of 2.15. If we have any responsibilities, they were before; in this period, we’re doing well. Cagliari’s goal? I need to review it. I think there was an opening in the middle that shouldn’t have happened. Perhaps the second goal mistakenly convinced us that the game was over.”

Sarri concluded: “We’re playing the Champions League match against an absolute top-level team, one of the strongest in the world. It’s an extremely difficult game, bordering on the impossible. But there’s another side to the coin: many teams would like to be in our position. The players know that I’m trying to help them in every way. It’s not easy, when you make mistakes in a match, to solve the situations. When you enter a difficult period, and it’s not our case, there’s always a chain of causes. We did well during the week; we all questioned ourselves. Perhaps we realized that we were losing the taste for fun. We need to start from here.”


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