Sarri: ‘We are more strategic than tactical’


Lazio head coach Maurizio Sarri has addressed the media ahead of their match-up with Atletico Madrid in the Champions League on Tuesday at Stadio Olimpico. It has not been the best of starts to the campaign for the Biancocelesti and they are looking to bounce back after losing 3-1 away to Juventus at the weekend.

Speaking during his press conference, Sarri spoke about opponents Atletico, their head coach in Diego Simeone and his tactical approach to the game. The 64-year-old has stated that his team need to improve and they have a focus on philosophy, rather than tactics:

On his team’s response to the defeat against Juventus: “I expect the team to continue with the improvements, removing the defects that characterized us in this first part of the season which did not get the results. The flaws are the approach and the decisive moments of the match. We are too absent in attack and weak in defense ”

On Simeone’s defensive style: “In a press conference in Naples I said that I had great respect for Simeone, even though we play differently. I said my way of seeing football was different from his, but that I respected him. He has his own way of playing, but with that he did very well in Spain and in Europe. ”

On his tactical approach for tomorrow: “We are more strategic than tactical. On philosophy and not on a single match, the idea is to make our things work as best as possible. Now we’re not succeeding. “