Sissoko: ‘Juventus should sign Badiashile’


Former Juventus midfielder Momo Sissoko believes the Bianconeri should sign Benoît Badiashile to reinforce their back line. Speaking in a lengthy interview with TuttoJuve, Sissoko offered his thoughts on Juve’s performance this season, the future of the team and why Ajax winger Antony might be a better choice for the club than Nicolo Zaniolo.

You were one of the few to believe Juve could win the title right from the start, now is the maximum target fourth place?

“Yes, Juve will have to do everything to qualify for the next Champions League. Too bad for that game with Inter, the team had played really well.”

Allegri’s Juve will certainly end with a lower ranking score than Pirlo and Sarri’s. He probably will not have the same fate as his predecessors.

“Allegri is the right man to rebuild Juve, I have always been convinced of this. Juve is experiencing a year of transition, there is no one better than him who knows the club’s environment and DNA very well. Next year will be a whole other story.”

The qualification for the Champions League, as well as the Italian Cup, are the only objectives left for the club. In case of failure to reach fourth place, what would happen?

“Juve is Juve, even without the Champions League. It’s not that their badge and hisstory changes overnight. Juve is every player’s dream and will remain so, I’m sure.”

Do you think that without the qualification in the Champions League, Allegri can be exonerated?

“No I do not think so. He will remain in charge, even if the team qualifies for the Europa League. As I said, he is the right coach to rebuild.”

Moving on to the match with Fiorentina, what are your thoughts about it?

“I expect a great challenge, very hard fought. Juve has more quality, more experience, I don’t think they will try to manage their 1-0 advantage. If they were to repeat their performance from the game against Inter, there would be no escape for Fiorentina. When playing like this, no team in Italy can compare.”

Fiorentina is different without Vlahović but their game does not seem to have been affected. What do you think of Italiano’s team?

“It is an excellent team, the game principles have not changed in recent months. He has lost a great striker like Vlahovic, a good player like Cabral has arrived who has yet to adapt to Italian football. He does not have the same quality as the Serbian, but he still manages to create goals.”

In recent weeks, some have focused heavily on Vlahović’s situation by comparing his movement at Fiorentina and Juventus. Have you noticed some differences?

“No, because he always scores. Juve and Fiorentina adopt two different game systems, yet its numbers are roughly the same on a creative level. Vlahović will be the future of this club, he will only have to worry about making the fans happy. And he will do great. He is a champion.”

You expect him to be the protagonist in the Italian Cup match?

“Yes, 100%. He will leave its mark. “.

In one of the last interviews, you told us that Denis Zakaria remind you of yourself, especially for how he interprets the game. A few months later, what is your judgment on him?

“He was held back by an injury, but gradually he is integrating into the new team, I think he’s doing well and always on the ball. Juventus lacked a player like Zakaria, I am convinced that he and Vlahović are just two of the young players Juve will bet on in the near future.”

So in summary, who is the favorite for the game?

“If Juventus were to play well, without a shadow of a doubt. And if they repeat that kind of performance in the final, you doesn’t need to say anything else. “.

The next session will be a very interesting transfer market for the Bianconeri. Among the many names mentioned, is there someone who teases your imagination more?

“I often read the names of attackers and midfielders, but Juve will also have to sign someone in defence. Young Gatti has arrived, but Bonucci and Chiellini are no longer boys. In this regard, I would recommend the purchase of Benoît Badiashile, the central defender from AS Monaco, who is having an excellent season in Ligue 1. He is one of the best young players in France, I don’t see why he can’t do the same at Juve.”

Badiashile is a profile that Juve already became interested in last year, while Zaniolo could come as well. What do you think about him?

“Zaniolo is one of the most prominent talents of Italian football, for me he is an excellent player and I see him growing. The injuries have affected him a little, it will only take a little time before seeing him back at the levels of a few years ago. For me it’s a big yes. “.

The fans, however, dote on Antony from Ajax. Which side are you on: more Zaniolo or more Antony?

“I really like Antony, I consider him one of the best wingers of this generation. With Chiesa and Vlahović he would form a really fantastic trio. Juve fans have good taste (smiles, editor’s note), if I had to choose I would opt for the Brazilian.”

We talked about defense and attack, now the midfield is missing. Some names?

“Mohamed Camara of Salzburg, for me he is a very strong player to sign.”


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