Spalletti: “Leaving Napoli? I forgive everyone, but I don’t forget”


Italian national team coach Luciano Spalletti spoke about leaving Napoli: “… I forgive everyone, but I do not forget.” Speaking at the World Meeting on Human Fraternity in Rome, held at Coni, Spalletti was asked about his last season with Napoli and winning the title:

“We had everything to continue what we had achieved. Many things should be known. I hold no grudges against anyone; I forgive everyone, but I don’t forget.”

The Tuscan coach further elaborated, saying, “I won’t say why I left, but it wasn’t out of fear. I had my reasons. The relationships at Napoli were wonderful. We didn’t win because of me, but because of the city, which has an incredible passion.”

Earlier today, during an event in Reggio Calabria, Italian national team delegate Gianluigi Buffon praised Spalletti, stating, “Spalletti is unique, but when you get to know him closely, you realize he has humanity. He advocates for meritocracy; he’s an interventionist. In my opinion, in 99.99% of cases, he’s always right.”


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