Spalletti: ‘Many of these players will be part of the EURO 2024 squad’


Luciano Spalletti highlighted the importance of Italy’s two victories in the United States, which served as preparation tests for the upcoming EUROs. Speaking after the Azzurri’s 2-0 win over Ecuador, Spalletti explained the significance of the win and confirmed that many players in the squad would make it to the final team selection:

“At times, when I hear the previews of matches where Italy is set to play, it seems as though it’s taken for granted that Italy will win easily, but it’s not the case,” Spalletti began, challenging the notion of Italy’s assured victories. He emphasized the increased competitiveness in international football, stating, “Nowadays, all teams are well-equipped; there’s a leveling up.” Spalletti noted the improved tactical knowledge across teams, leading to a more challenging environment on the field.

Reflecting on the Italian squad’s performance, Spalletti expressed confidence, saying, “We return with the awareness that many of these players will be part of the final squad.” He acknowledged the difficulty of leaving out certain talented players, including some who had represented the Under-21 team.

Discussing the team’s recent matches, Spalletti remarked, “We did what we had to do; we managed playing time well, except for Folorunsho and Lucca, who had minor issues.” He praised the team’s strong performances, particularly in the second match, where they successfully addressed previous concerns. Spalletti expressed satisfaction with the overall tour, acknowledging its logistical challenges while commending the organization by the Italian Football Federation. He concluded by applauding the efforts of the Italian players.

Turning to the upcoming opponents, Spalletti commented, “Ecuador has a deep understanding of European football and the tenacity typical of South American teams.” He highlighted the challenges posed by South American teams in terms of speed and physicality, particularly when coupled with strong team cohesion.


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