Spalletti: “We managed ball possession better”


Luciano Spalletti believes his Azzurri side managed ball possession better, following their 1-0 win over Bosnia. Italy are playing the last in a series of pre-EURO’s friendlies, and speaking after the victory over Bosnia, Spalletti explained what he liked about the performance:

“Tonight, we managed ball possession better, especially in the first half. Even in the second half, we saw some organized and quality plays, but we lacked the final pass and the ability to score. We had two or three goal opportunities that we created ourselves. However, we diluted our efforts with some half-hearted passes at the back, intending to play the ball but displaying timidity instead.”

Regarding the two-midfielder formation, Spalletti noted: “Double play? Both players did very well, showing quality in tight spaces and setting up the right through balls. In the first half, we saw the right plays. In the second half, we should have pressed more; at times, we gave up some ground and settled by retreating ten meters, allowing the opponents to have the ball.”

On Buongiorno’s performance, Spalletti praised: “Defensively, Buongiorno consistently disrupted the main striker’s timing and controlled the ball well. He’s very good at this, but he needs to make better choices after 2-3 touches. Once the opponents adjust their positioning, playing laterally becomes easier. He needs to play inside more often, where there’s a numerical advantage and opportunities for passing.”

Spalletti also evaluated the team’s overall performance: “Overall, we played well. There were moments when we lacked energy and the will to execute plays, with some soft back-passes allowing them to press us. We got a bit complacent and didn’t respond to their pressure with our midfielders. When they press like that, it’s somewhat what we want, but then we need to be good at finding those quick exchanges inside, moving behind their lines.”

Finally, Spalletti shared his thoughts on the upcoming European Championship: “We are confident we have a good team, but we need to get into the atmosphere of real matches. We rotated players, with two almost entirely different lineups, to see everyone and understand what needs improvement. We don’t have much time…”


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