Sports Minister reacts after ‘anti-Juventus’ video surfaces


Italy’s Minster for Sport Andrea Abodi has reacted to a 2019 video showing the prosecutor behind the Prisma investigation saying: ‘I am a Napoli fan and I hate Juventus.’  A clip of Ciro Santoriello, one of the Turin Prosecutors looking into Juventus’ finances, went viral on social media yesterday, with the prosecutor declaring he hates Juventus.

Santoriello is leading the investigation into Juve’s alleged ‘under the table’ payment of player salaries during the Covid pandemic, and the unearthing of the clip has led Italy Sports Minister Andrea Abodi to release a  statement on social media:

“I have seen, heard and reported, respecting everyone’s role for the proper checks and evaluations. For now, I think it is correct that I stop here.”



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