Szczesny: ‘If the club needs me to terminate my contract, I can help’


Wojciech Szczesny, Juventus’ goalkeeper, has recently shared his thoughts on loyalty and contract obligations in an interview with Foottrucktv, as reported by Tuttosport. The Polish international’s comments provide insight into his professional ethics and his relationship with the club.

Szczesny emphasized the importance of loyalty in his career, stating, “Loyalty is very, very important to me. So, if I sign a contract for two years, it means I know exactly what I want to do for the next two years. If I sign for 4 years, I know what I want to do for the next 4 years… And the same goes for 10 years. I want to respect the terms of the contract”.

However, Szczesny also acknowledged the potential need for flexibility in certain situations. He added, “But… if the club that has given you so much needs to terminate the contract and needs your help, you should be able to help them”.

This statement suggests that Szczesny is open to discussions with Juventus regarding his contract if the club faces financial difficulties or needs to restructure its squad. It’s worth noting that Juventus has been reportedly looking to reduce its wage bill, and Szczesny’s current contract, which pays him €6.5 million per year, has been a topic of discussion.

Szczesny’s comments come at a time when Juventus is reportedly keen on extending his contract beyond 2025, but with a reduced salary. The club had offered him a new deal until 2026 with a salary reduction to €4 million per season, which the goalkeeper initially declined.

The 34-year-old goalkeeper’s stance on loyalty and his willingness to consider the club’s needs could potentially pave the way for further negotiations. However, Szczesny also cautioned about speaking too freely on the matter, saying, “I have to think four times not to say too much”.

As Juventus continues to navigate its financial challenges and plan for the future, Szczesny’s perspective on contract obligations and club loyalty could play a crucial role in determining his future with the Italian giants. His performances on the pitch have been consistently strong, making him a valuable asset for the team.

The coming weeks may prove crucial as both parties work towards finding a mutually beneficial solution that aligns with the club’s financial objectives and Szczesny’s career aspirations.


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