Tacchinardi: “If Juventus sell Chiesa, they’re making a mistake”


Former Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi believes it would be a mistake for the club to consider selling Federico Chiesa this summer. The 26-year-old winger has been linked with a move to Roma, while talks over a contract renewal with Juventus are reportedly on hold for now.

Speaking with Tuttosport, Tacchinardi shared his thoughts on the potential transfer, as well as Luciano Spalletti’s Azzurri side, who kicked off the EURO’s with a 2-1 win over Albania@

On Italy’s National Team

“I sensed the feeling of a team that knows how to handle pressure. It reminded me of last year’s Napoli, who never seemed overwhelmed and were never crushed by the immense expectations of a city like Naples. It means there’s the work of the coach and players with personality behind it. This Italy team is not yet a great one, but there’s a concrete possibility that it could become one quickly.”

On Spalletti

“Spalletti is excellent: he knows how to hide the negatives and accentuate the strengths of his group. Did you see Napoli this year? They seemed like the poor brothers of the team that won the Scudetto. He knows how to get into the players’ heads and gives them something extra. His teams play with an idea: he has many and applies the ones that can enhance the group’s characteristics. He always comes up with something new with the players: from Perrotta to Totti, he found different roles and positions for them. Moreover, he knows how to give the right charge: the players have fire inside, and you could see it yesterday. Luciano has always been a bit underrated, and he lacked the characteristic of being a winner. The Scudetto with Napoli did him good too, giving him more serenity: now he’s really strong.”

On Chiesa’s Future

“If Juventus sells Chiesa, in my opinion, they’re making a mistake. Yes, he has pauses on the field, but he has a terrifying explosive engine, he’s unique in one-on-one situations, and he should be given freedom of action.”

What Didn’t Work at Juventus

“At Juventus, they never saw the real Chiesa: first, the competition with Ronaldo, then the injury, then Max’s tactical demands. Chiesa always felt misunderstood, but he has enormous untapped potential. And, in my opinion, when you have a strong player in the squad, you keep him.”

On Federico’s Role in the National Team

“Spalletti, I repeat, is excellent at understanding and enhancing the characteristics of players.”


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