Totti: ‘I hope Ibra can continue playing’


Francesco Totti hopes that Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic can continue playing at the highest level. The Swede has recently returned from a spell on the sidelines but wants to continue playing at Milan for as long as he can.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Totti recounted how his final season with Roma mirrored Ibra’s current injury woes:

I wouldn’t wish my last year even to the worst enemy. When you only get used to coming off the bench, you slowly lose the rhythm of the match. You enter and you realise the ball arrives later, your head still tells you exactly what to do but your legs will arrive a moment later.

As a football lover, I hope Ibra can continue: it would be a gift for all those who follow this sport. The decision is too personal. I hope he will continue as long as he feels like it, but only if the body allows him to be decisive as he always has been.

Everyone like Ibra in image and impact would like him. We must be careful not to become a poster or a flag to be waved only when needed. The day it stops, Ibra will immediately understand what he wants to do. If a proposal should arrive, ask immediately: what should I do and who should I do it with?


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