Tudor: “Points are fundamental. Zaccagni will only play from from the bench


Lazio coach Igor Tudor highlighted the crucial importance of securing points in their upcoming match against Hellas Verona. Speaking ahead of the clash at the Stadio Olimpico (via TMW), Tudor emphasized the significance of the fixture as it marks the conclusion of a demanding series of games within a short timeframe:

“Tomorrow’s points are fundamental,” Tudor stated, underlining the team’s need to capitalize on every opportunity. Regarding the team’s preparation following their previous encounter with Juventus, Tudor explained, “We’ve had two days of recovery. We have one day of training to prepare for a super important match. It’s the toughest match because it closes a cycle of many games in a few days. We can’t afford mistakes; every point counts.”

When asked about the team’s injuries, Tudor mentioned the ongoing evaluation of the players’ fitness. “Some have recovered, others are halfway there, so we’ll see what today’s training tells us,” he said.

Discussing their upcoming opponent, Tudor acknowledged the strength of Hellas Verona. “Verona is a tough and well-prepared team. Tomorrow will be extremely difficult for us,” he remarked, recognizing the challenges posed by their opponents’ position in the league standings.

Reflecting on his first month with Lazio, Tudor praised the players’ commitment and highlighted the positive atmosphere within the team. “In this month of training, nothing has been amiss,” he noted, emphasizing the players’ dedication to minimizing errors.

Tudor addressed questions about recent performances, emphasizing the importance of mentality in achieving consistent results. “We talk about tactics and numbers, but what we need to emphasize every day is mentality, from training to match attitudes,” he stressed.

Regarding individual players, Tudor discussed Zaccagni’s role, emphasizing his importance to the team despite starting from the bench. “Zaccagni can play as a wide winger or on the wing. As a fifth option, he might struggle because he needs to sacrifice a lot. He can also play behind the striker; he’s an important player for us,” Tudor explained.

When questioned about the team’s objectives for the season, Tudor reiterated the focus on each game rather than specific league positions. “The objective is to perform well in every match,” he stated, highlighting the unpredictable nature of football.

In conclusion, Tudor expressed satisfaction with the team’s tactical understanding while acknowledging the need for continuous improvement. “From a tactical point of view, I liked everything. I liked the team’s tactical interpretation,” he concluded.


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