May 22, 2022, Salerno, Italy: Gabriele Cioffi Coach ( Udinese Calcio) during the Serie A 2021/22 match between US Salernitana 1919 and Udinese Calcio Arechi Stadium

Udinese’s Cioffi on Maignan Incident: “I’m upset at What Happened, but the Suspension is Heavy”


After a home defeat against Stefano Pioli’s Milan, Udinese are gearing up for an away fixture against Atalanta. Ahead of the match, Gabriele Cioffi addressed the media in a press conference, touching upon the racist insults directed at Maignan during the encounter with the Rossoneri.

Expressing the collective sentiment within the club, Cioffi remarked, “As a society and team, we have all been wounded by what happened to Maignan. However, I believe the suspension that has been handed down is heavy, especially considering the perspective of a city and a club that stand as paragons of multiculturalism and multiracial harmony.”

Cioffi continued, highlighting the need for vigilance against isolated incidents that threaten the unity they have worked hard to build. “If it only takes five individuals, unorganized, to shout… tomorrow we are in Bergamo; if five people are enough to shout, we go back to how things were before. If it’s an organized act, it must be eradicated, but the club has nothing to do with it and will be severely penalized against Monza. For years, since I started coaching, I have engaged with diverse cultures. Respect for diversity is a fundamental principle in my life. I don’t need to show it off because I live it. What the club stated at the end of the match was more than sufficient.”

Addressing another aspect, Cioffi also spoke about Nehuen Perez, praising the player’s resilience and leadership qualities, stating, “Just looking into Nehuen’s eyes is enough. He’s present, fierce, and has been one of the leaders this week.”


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