Vincenzo Italiano Gears Up for Crucial Clash Against Inter: Aiming for Points and Prestige in Serie A Journey


Preparing for the upcoming match against Inter Milan, Fiorentina’s head coach, Vincenzo Italiano, addressed the media, emphasizing the significance of the encounter and the challenges posed by the formidable Inter side. Speaking in his pre-match presser, Italiano addressed the significance of playing the Nerazzurri and what he expects from his players:

“It’s an important match for us; it will be difficult because Inter is in good shape in all respects. However, we play at home, and we had the opportunity to work throughout the week on our principles of play and think of something useful to put Inter in difficulty. I hope it was useful for tomorrow to be ready to battle against this strong team.”

Regarding the reaction after the Supercoppa semifinal: “We don’t hide that we are disappointed with what we could achieve, even though the team did what it had to do, apart from the misleading result. Now we have to focus on the league with the desire, anger, and determination to make an important journey in the championship, where we want to earn points and perform well; that’s the goal.”

On Inter being second and Fiorentina fourth: “A good position for us based on what we did in the first half of the season, and no one can take that away. But the second half is always a different championship; we must continue to fuel and push, facing the matches with determination because the goals become crucial for everyone. We want to continue this important journey in the second half because we are in a significant position in the standings, and we want to stay there.”

On a full stadium: “When it comes alive and starts to cheer us on, we can express ourselves in an exhilarating way and deliver great performances with quality. In moments of difficulty, it can give us a hand against this formidable opponent.”


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