Vincenzo Italiano: “I want to maintain a high level at Bologna”


New Bologna coach Vincenzo Italiano spoke about the importance of maintaining a high level at his new club. Italino opted not to renew his contract with Fiorentina in the summer, opting to make the switch to the Rossoblu. Speaking at his first press conference as Bologna coach, Italiano talked about his plans for the club as well as their upcoming participation in the Champions League:

“I am excited because having the opportunity to embark on a journey with people who strongly wanted me is significant. I thank everyone from the start. This will be a tough year; we need to confirm ourselves and we have a very important competition to face,” Italiano began during the press conference. He continued, “There is a lot of enthusiasm from me and my staff. I am thrilled to participate in the Champions League for the first time with a club like Bologna. The growth of this club is evident to everyone. I am eager to start again, to get to know the players, and to build on what was achieved last season.”

“In terms of game development, we are similar. We try to build from the back, involving the defenders in the play. The forward must work for the whole team and eventually score. It also depends on the individual aspects; how they prepare for matches, their mental state. There is alignment with the club’s ideas,” he explained.

Discussing the objectives, Italiano said, “In discussions with the club, it is natural to want to maintain a high level. We want to continue to entertain the fans and ensure consistent performance. We undoubtedly aim to honor the Champions League, fully aware that we will face very strong teams. We need to prepare each match one at a time, staying united and cohesive. What you saw this year is a reality. We desire to achieve satisfaction.”

The UEFA Champions League is central to the former Fiorentina coach’s thoughts: “I will be competing in a top-level competition, but I, like all the players, will approach it with the right focus and enthusiasm. We shouldn’t be afraid of anything. Now, I want to get to know all the players and start building a rapport with them. Bologna deserves to continue its dream, and my job is to make sure that happens. This is an opportunity to be lived with happiness. Doing it with these players should be an added value.”


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