Vlahovic agent: ‘Juventus were the best option from the start’


Dusan Vlahovics’ agent Darko Ristic believes Juventus were the best option for the striker and still are, despite the many teams that were interested in him. The Serbian striker has had a mixed start to the new season and is currently out through injury, but is still heading to Qatar with the national team. Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Ristic assessed Serbia’s chances in the World Cup, Dusan’s form and why Juventus remain the best club for the striker:

How do you assess the great expectations that exist on your national team?

“We have good players, we are oriented towards attack. We played well in qualifying and the whole nation here is really full of optimism that a good result can be achieved in Qatar.”

Serbia can therefore be the revelation team of the World Cup?

“We all believe we can be the most pleasant surprise….”

Let’s clarify Vlahovic’s condition: Could the pubalgic inflammation that has put him out of action in recent weeks compromise his World Cup?

“It is a very unpleasant injury. It has been difficult for Dusan not to be in the team in the last few games. Thank God, the injury is not that serious. So we all hope Dusan is 100% ready for the first game against Brazil. ”

From Florence to Turin, what has changed in Vlahovic?

“Dusan doesn’t change. He is a player who improves day by day, and despite being still young he has always been a professional at best. It was like this before, it is so even now. ”

There were many other clubs ready to bet on him but he chose Juve

“It is true that there were many clubs interested. But Juventus is Juventus, one of the largest clubs in the world. It seemed like the best option from the start and I still think so. ”

There are more players at Juve this year who can put him in a position to score goals, such as Kostic. How much more can improve its performance?

“It doesn’t matter how many goals he scores, even though he thinks he can do more. He is there first of all to help the team win and to give their best. ”

There is already a Milinkovic Savic in Turin, the other (now in Lazio) is being talked about more and more insistently about joining Juve. A bit like in the national team, it would be the ideal support for Dusan?

“Sergej is an excellent class player. If he leaves, any team will get a big reinforcement in him. He and Dusan work well together, in the national team, of course. ”

At the last Mole derby, the national coach Stojkovic was present, to whom Vlahovic then had to pay dinner because he scored. What Dusan has Vlahovic promised him in view of the World Cup?

“Nobody promised anything. It is certain that everyone will give more than the maximum in Qatar. The atmosphere is excellent, we have quality. Like I said, we can be the most pleasant surprise. “.

Radonjic also had a good impact on Torino, are you satisfied?

“We are satisfied, Nemanja started the season well. But I assure you that he can do much, much better. I can guarantee that Serie A has yet to know the real Radonjic.”

Four goals  and two assists in sixteen appearances: how much more can he grow with Juric?

“Considering that he has just arrived, he is already an excellent performance. But he will still show his qualities. Especially under the direction of Juric, who is an excellent coach.”

What is his personal goal in Qatar?

“He is a player who has always created a breakthrough within qualifying games. He can really decide the game in one move. He knows he can do a lot even on the occasions he will have during the World Cup.”

Is Torino is the right context for a footballer who has his potential and wants to definitely reach football maturity?

“Absolutely yes. Torino is a phenomenal club in every sense. I think it’s the perfect club for Nemanja right now, and I think Nemanja is also the perfect player for Torino.”

In 2022 you were quite a protagonist on the Italian market, there are some of your clients who could set the next market on fire in January?

“There is a lot of quality right now in Serbia. In my agency we have great talents who will soon be ready for Serie A. If not in January, surely next summer. “.

As an insider and beyond, you know Italy well: What will it be like without Italy at the World Cup?

“Italy is a nation that lives on football, a great one in the world of football. It is certainly a great pity that they will not be in Qatar. Italy loses without the World Cup but also the World Cup loses quality without Italy. I am sure this will not happen again in the future. “.

Who are the Italian footballers who inspired the growth of football in Serbia?

“Here people follow Serie A players and especially Italian ones. I can tell you that everyone still remembers Totti, Del Piero, Cannavaro, Buffon, Vieri, Inzaghi and so on.”


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