Zambrotta: ‘My feeling is that Allegri may remain at Juventus’


Former Juventus and Milan full-back Gianluca Zambrotta believes Max Allegri may remain in Turin beyond this season: ‘I believe Giuntoli may extend Max’s contract by one or two years…’. The Rossoneri make the trip to the Juve Stadium on Saturday, and speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Zambrotta shared his memories of playing for both sides, recounting the 2005 match which won Juve the title:

“Juventus-Milan is in my heart, it was the decisive challenge for the title in 2005. With Juventus, we won 1-0 at San Siro, and it was an extraordinary match in terms of intensity, emotions, and the level of the two teams. Even the referee was a world-class top, Collina.

“Today, Juve disappoint, but it also depends on the expectations we had at the beginning of the year. Allegri, for example, often repeats that the goal has always been to return to the Champions League. But in the common imagination, Juventus must always play to win. Juventus arrives better for the challenge, having reached the Coppa Italia final. Milan have a five-point advantage, and it’s not a few with five matches left.

“Additionally, the Rossoneri have a softer schedule after the direct clash. Overtaking won’t be easy, but never say never.

“My feeling is that Allegri might stay at Juventus in the end, but it will all depend on the discussion with the club at the end of the season. Is there a common vision for the future? If yes, I believe Giuntoli won’t change and perhaps extend Max’s contract by one or two years.

“Balancing the so-called beautiful game with results is complicated for everyone. If you concede little, they say you create little. If you create a lot, they point out that you concede too much. In recent years, Juventus has done an exceptional job integrating many homegrown young players into the first team, but it’s normal for them to need time to mature. The Bianconeri must manage to keep Rabiot and rebuild around Vlahovic and Chiesa. While in my opinion, Milan cannot afford to lose Theo and Maignan.”


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