Zilliacus: “I remain Interested in buying Inter”


As the deadline for Inter Milan President Steven Zhang to repay the loan from Oaktree Capital approaches, the club’s future ownership hangs in the balance. Should Zhang fail to repay by Tuesday, Oaktree is poised to take over ownership. This critical juncture could see Oaktree either retaining the club or searching for a new buyer.

Amidst this uncertainty, Finnish businessman Thomas Zilliacus has reiterated his interest in acquiring Inter. Speaking to L’Interista, Zilliacus addressed recent issues in Singapore and his ongoing interest in the club:

“I remain interested. The misunderstanding in Singapore is being resolved, and now I can refocus on other matters, including Inter. I have been closely following the recent developments. Clubs need continuity and stability to succeed at the highest levels. Of the four teams that reached the Champions League semifinals, three are fan-owned. Billionaire owners who come and go do not provide the long-term stability and planning necessary.”

Zilliacus is working on a new plan that would involve Inter fans as significant, long-term co-owners of the club without requiring substantial investments from them. He believes this model would provide the needed stability and long-term planning for sustained success.

“I am developing a plan that significantly involves Inter fans as co-owners of the club in a meaningful and long-term way, without requiring large investments from them. I will present the plan soon, and I believe it will be well received by both fans and players.”


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