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Acerbi agent: ‘He would gladly go to Inter’


Francesco Acerbi’s agent Federico Pastorello has confirmed the player would ‘gladly go’ to Inter this summer. The agent was pictured at the Nerazzuri’s HQ yesterday and was asked about the talks between the two clubs by Inter website FCInter1908:

It went well, we just took stock of the situation, it’s known that Inter are looking for a central defender. Let’s see if it will be Acerbi or someone else, I have to be honest that they were honest in confirming that there are other options.

The guy being Italian and having already worked with Inzaghi may be one of the candidates. We have taken a small step forward, though, because Lazio have opened up to a loan deal.

Inzaghi convincing him? Yes, very much so. Clearly he was one of the targets, if he were to leave Lazio, Inter would be one of the favourite destinations.

It will be discussed in the coming days, definitely. 100% after the game.”


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