Bastoni: ‘I watch Man City often, they have few weaknesses’


Vieira: ‘Inter deserve to be in the final, they are extraordinary’


Busquets: ‘Anything can happen in a final’

Updates and the latest news on Italian teams in the Champions League

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Bastoni: 'I watch Man City often, they have few weaknesses'

Inter defender Alessandro Bastoni believes Manchester City are a ‘scary’ team but says he is calm ahead of the Champions League final….
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Vieira: 'Inter deserve to be in the final, they are extraordinary'

Former Manchester City and Inter midfielder Patrick Vieira believes both sides are ‘extraordinary’, ahead of next weeks Champions League final. The two…
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Busquets: 'Anything can happen in a final'

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets doesn’t believe the Champions League final between Inter and Manchester City is as one-sided as it might seem:…
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Zhang invites all Inter employees to Champions League final

Inter president Steven Zhang has invited all of the clubs employee’s to their Champions League final against Manchester City on June 10….
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Inzaghi: 'Guardiola's comments make me happy'

Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi says positive comments from Pep Guardiola made him ‘happy, coming from him’. The Nerazzuri boss was speaking…
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Balotelli: 'Inter v City? My heart is split in two'

Former Inter and Manchester City star Mario Balotelli says his heart is split in two over the Champions League final next month….
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Sacchi: 'Inter has a chance to beat Manchester City'

Legendary Italian coach Arrigo Sacchi believes Inter have a chance of beating Manchester City in the Champions League final. The clash is…
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Rummenigge: 'Inter are capable of beating City'

Former Inter forward Karl-Heinz Rummenigge believes Inter will start as underdogs in the Champions League final against Manchester City, but they can…
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Lautaro: 'We are confident for what's to come'

Lautaro Martinez says he and his Inter teammates are confident for what’s to come in the Champions League final. The Argentine scored…
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Inzaghi: 'I always believed we could make it to the final'

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi says he always believed the club could make it to the final of the Champions League, dating back…
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Maldini: 'It would have been easier to sign Dybala than CDK'

Paolo Maldini says it would have been easier for Milan to have signed Paolo Dybala but he would not have been the…
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Zhang: 'We have done our job bringing Inter back to the top'

Inter president Steven Zhang was overjoyed with their progression to the Champions League final: ‘We have done our job bringing Inter back…
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Cassano: 'Milan are inferior to Inter'

Antonio Cassano offered his thoughts on the upcoming Champions League semi-final between Milan and Inter, saying the Nerazzurri would have to play…
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Inzaghi: 'We will need cool heads and warm hearts'

Simone Inzaghi believes Inter need cool heads and warm hearts as they prepare for their Champions League semi final against Milan. The…
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Pioli: 'Leao is better and should be available against Inter'

Stefano Pioli confirmed that Rafael Leao and Junior Messias are fit and should be part of the Milan squad to face Inter…
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Cassano: 'There was a gulf in quality, Inter overpowered Milan'

Former Roma forward Antonio Cassano believes there was a ‘resounding gulf in quality’ between Inter and Milan in last nights Champions League…
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Pioli: 'We're not inferior to Inter, we will try to score in the second leg'

Stefano Pioli insists that his Milan side are not inferior to city rivals Inter and says they will try and score goals…
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Inzaghi: 'We're one step away from a dream we've believed in since August'

Simone Inzaghi saw an ‘extraordinary first half’ performance from his Inter team in their 2-0 Champions League win over city rivals Milan….
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Inzaghi: 'This is the most important match of my career'

Simone Inzaghi believes Inter’s Champions League Euroderby against Milan is the most important match of his career. The city rivals face off…
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Stefano Pioli: 'If Leao is fit, he'll play'

Stefano Pioli says if Rafael Leao is fit, he’ll play for Milan against Inter in the Champions League semi-finals. There have been…
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Leao a doubt for Champions League Derby

La Gazzetta dello Sport claim that Rafael Leao is a major doubt for Milan’s midweek Champions League match against Inter. The EuroDerby…
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Walter Sabatini: 'It will be a redemption for Italian football'

Former Roma and Lazio sporting director Walter Sabatini believes the Inter-Milan derby in the Champions League will be a ‘tragedy’, but whoever…
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Calabria: 'We really wanted the Milan derby in the semi-finals'

Milan captain Davide Calabria revealed that he and his teammates all wanted a Milan derby in the semi-finals of the Champions League….
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Guardiola: 'Inter v Milan doesn't surprise, Italian football is in good health'

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says he’s not surprised that Milan and Inter are facing off in a Champions League semi-final: ‘Italian…
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Inzaghi: 'The game against Barcelona gave us confidence'

Inter boss Simone Inzaghi credits their victory against Barcelona earlier in the season as giving the team confidence in the Champions League….
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Khvicha Kvaratskhelia: 'I am deeply sorry'

Napoli winger Khvicha Kvaratskhelia apologised to the clubs fans following their elimination from the Champions League. The Georgian international created a number…
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Spalletti: 'We arrived a little out of breath'

Luciano Spalletti says that he has no remorse over Napoli’s elimination from the Champions League, but concedes that the team arrived at…
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Pioli: 'We took advantage of the chances we created'

Stefano Pioli believes the difference for Milan against Napoli was their ability to take their chances in the 1-1 Champions League quarter-final…
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Rafa Benitez: 'With Osimhen back, Napoli are stronger than Milan'

Rafa Benitez says Inter’s win over Benfica surprised him the most in the Champions League and explained why Napoli hold the edge…
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Pioli: 'We have to put in a high level performance'

Stefano Pioli believes Milan will need to put in a high-level performance to progress against Napoli in the Champions League. The two…
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Zanetti: 'We have a great opportunity against Benfica'

Inter vice president Javier Zanetti believes his team have a ‘great chance’ against Benfica in the Champions League quarter-finals. The Nerazzurri carry…
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Napoli fans file lawsuit against UEFA and Istvan Kovacs

Napoli supporters groups have filed a class action lawsuit against UEFA and referee Istvan Kovacs following the Champions League quarter-final with Milan….
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Pioli: 'It's still 50-50 for qualification'

Stefano Pioli was pleased with Milan’s 1-0 win over Napoli but insists that the tie is still 50-50 with everything to play…
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Spalletti: 'Osimhen will 100% be ready for the return leg'

Luciano Spalletti says he has no regrets about Napoli’s 1-0 Champions League quarter-final loss to Milan and insists that Victor Osimhen will…
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Di Lorenzo: 'This time, it will be different against Milan'

Napoli defender Giovanni Di Lorenzo believes it will be different against Milan in the Champions League, despite their recent 4-0 loss to…
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Spalletti: 'I have great esteem for Paolo Maldini'

Luciano Spalletti says he holds Paolo Maldini in great esteem despite their recent spat and explained why Napoli have enough quality in…
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Bastoni: 'We don't fear Benfica, like we didn't fear Barca, Bayern and Porto'

Inter defender Alessandro Bastoni says the team are not afraid of Benfica, just as they were unafraid of facing Barcelona, Porto and…
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Bastoni: 'There's tension, there's agitation, but match against Benfica remains a match and we have to face it with love and joy'

With Inter set to face Benfica within the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, central-defender Alessandro Bastoni gave his…
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Onana: 'Inter will do their best to win as much as possible'

Inter goalkeeper André Onana spoke with Uefa’s official website ahead of the Nerazzurri’s match against Benfica and reiterated the teams desire to win…
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Roger Schmidt: 'Inter know how to adapt'

Benfica coach Roger Schmidt believes Inter ‘know how to adapt’ as they ‘have so much experience and so much quality’ in their…
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Massara: 'We'll meet Napoli with confidence'

Rossoneri sporting director Frederic Massara believes it will be an ‘Italian derby’ against Napoli: “It will take a very high level of…
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Zanetti: 'Benfica are a strong team'

Inter vice-president Javier Zanetti believes Benfica are a ‘strong’ team but every team is difficult to face at this stage of the…
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Inter v Benfica, Milan v Inter in Champions League quarter finals

It will be an all Italian affair in one of the Champions League quarter-finals as Milan will face Napoli while Inter have…
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Marotta: 'A Milan Derby in the final of the Champions League would be historic!'

Inter director Beppe Marotta says he would love to have a Milan Derby in the Champions League, but the even better outcome…
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Spalletti: 'Guardiola's comments are a game'

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti was pleased with his team’s 3-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt but dismissed Pep Guardiola’s comments about the club:…
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Eintracht Ultra: 'There will definitely be clashes'

Eintracht Frankfurt ultra Christopher Ockomm believes there will be clashes between the club’s hardcore fans and Napoli supporters: ‘We feel like we’ve…
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Calhanoglu: 'I'm proud and happy, we did a great job'

Inter midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu was proud of his teammate’s performance in their 0-0 draw against Porto: ‘We were struggling, but we deserved…
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Inzaghi: 'We've written a tiny piece of Inter history'

Simone Inzaghi was thrilled with Inter’s performance against Porto in the Champions League: ‘We’ve written a tiny piece of Inter history.’ The…
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Napoli v Eintracht could set record, key players expected back

Napoli are hoping to recover a number of key players ahead of their Champions League match against Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday. The…
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Inzaghi: 'I still have doubts on the starting XI v Porto'

Simone Inzaghi admitted that he still has doubts about his starting XI against Porto in the Champions League. The Nerazzurri travel to…
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Napoli Ultras: 'Against Eintracht it will be a war'

Il Messaggero report that the Italian law enforcement agency DIGOS are monitoring the upcoming match between Napoli v Eintracht as they expect…
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Pioli: 'It was a well-deserved win over two-legs'

Stefano Pioli believes it was a ‘well-deserved victory’ for Milan over two legs against Spurs, but insists that they have to take…
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Lukaku: 'I put everything into that finish'

Romelu Lukaku says he ‘put everything’ into finishing his goal during Inter’s 1-0 victory over Porto in the Champions League. The Belgian…
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Inzaghi: 'We should have converted more of our chances'

Simone Inzaghi believes Inter played an excellent game against Porto but should have converted more of their chances in the first half….
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Lozano: 'It was one of my best games for Napoli'

Hirving Lozano believes his performance in Napoli’s 2-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt was one of his best games for the club. The…
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Spalletti: 'We showed that our football is effective in Europe'

Luciano Spalletti believes his Napoli side showed the efficacy of their brand of football following a 2-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt in…
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Conte: 'We had to do better on Milan's goal'

Tottenham Hotpsur boss Antonio Conte believes his side should have defended better against Milan, and dropped a fresh hint that he is…
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Pioli: 'We could have scored more'

Stefano Pioli was ‘satisfied’ with Milan’s 1-0 win over Spurs in the Champions League, but believes his side could have score more…
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Italian teams learn Champions League opponents

The Champions League last 16 draw has taken place with Milan facing Spurs, Napoli taking on Frankfurt and Inter to play Porto….
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Pioli: 'We must be ambitious in the Champions League'

Stefano Pioli was pleased with Milan’s 4-0 rout of RB Salzburg in the final Champions League group stage, but insisted ‘We must…
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Szczesny: 'We went through the group without the Juventus mentality'

Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny believes the team showed the right attitude but concedes that the Bianconeri went through the group without the…
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Allegri: 'We are satisfied and angry'

Juventus coach Max Allegri say’s he is both satisfied and angry after Juventus dropped out of the Champions League but still qualified…
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Chiesa back, Kean out for Juventus

Juventus’ injuries woes show no sign of stopping as Moise Kean is the latest player to be ruled out, but Federico Chiesa…
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Spalletti: "This is a strong squad, because to come here and play like this means there is belief in ourselves"

Following I Partenopei’s 2-0 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield, Napoli boss Spalletti provided his thoughts on his side’s display in the press….
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Inzaghi: "Here in Munich we played a serious and organized match"

Despite Inter falling to a 2-0 defeat at the Allianz against Bayern Munich, Inzaghi witnessed improvements within his squad this evening within…
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Tonali: "From the Europa League preliminaries two years ago to today, it’s a path we deserve"

Ahead of the Rossonerri’s fixture against Red Bull Salzburg, Milan central midfielder Sandro Tonali touched upon the Milanese club’s enduring success within…
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Cuadrado: "We are a great team, we must take to the pitch with desire and determination"

As Juventus prepare to face French outfits PSG at the Allianz Stadium tomorrow evening within match-week six of the Champions League, full-back…
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Spalletti: "We have in front of us the team that made the last two Champions League finals"

Ahead of I Partenopei’s clash against Liverpool at Anfield tomorrow evening, Napoli boss Spalletti previewed the mouth-watering fixture in the press conference….
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Allegri: 'PSG will be a good test for the youngsters'

Juventus coach Max Allegri believes the Bianconeri’s final Champions League game of the season will be a good test for the younger…
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Spalletti: 'It will be a spectacle against Liverpool!'

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti has promised their final Champions League group stage match against Liverpool will be a ‘spectacle’. The Partenopei had…
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Inzaghi: 'The players deserve applause'

Inter manager Simone Inzaghi says his players deserve a big round of applause for their progression to the last sixteen of the…
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Pioli: 'It was a nice victory and a good game'

Milan coach Stefano Pioli was proud of his boys in their 4-0 rout of Dinamo Zagreb, calling it a ‘nice victory, a…
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Alex Sandro: "We want to show our best"

As Juventus prepare to face Portuguese giants Benfica within the Champions League this evening, full-back Alex Sandro spoke about the importance of…
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Mkhitaryan: "We have to play a perfect game to win"

With the Nerazzurri’s clash against Czech outfits Viktoria Plzen underway, Inter attacking midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan previewed the highly anticipated fixture in the…
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Inzaghi: "Tomorrow will be very important"

With the Nerazzurri set to take on Viktoria Plzen at the San Siro within match-week five of the Champions League, Inter boss…
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Inzaghi: 'We must have courage and never stop playing'

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi explained that he told his players to remain calm at half-time as they would have more chances against…
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Luciano Spalletti: 'Space over systems'

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti was proud of his boys for qualifying for the last 16 of the Champions League and explained the…
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Pioli: 'I told the referee what I thought of him'

Milan coach Stefano Pioli says ‘I told the referee what I thought of him’ after the Fikayo Tomori’s unfortunate red card against…
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Milan vs Chelsea 0-2: Aubameyang and Jorginho Leap Chelsea Past Milan

Despite Milan seeking redemption after their previous outing at the Stamford Bridge, the Rossonerri fell short yet again as Chelsea secured a…
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Rabiot: 'I am a leader, on and off the pitch'

Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot believes every team needs leaders on and off the pitch, and he is that kind of player. The…
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Spalletti: ‘If we lose our focus, then we’re in trouble'

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti says the team have to retain their focus, despite they excellent start to the season, capped off by…
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Vlahovic: 'I'm not satisfied'

Juventus striker Dusan Vlahovic was not happy with his own performance in the Bianconeri’s 3-1 victory over Maccabi Haifa. The Serbian international…
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Pioli: 'We have to concentrate on next match'

Milan coach Stefano Pioli says he will analyse the 3-0 champions League defeat to Chelsea but they have to concentrate on the…
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Rabiot: 'The team winning is the most important thing'

Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot says he was happy to score a brace against Maccabi Haifa, but ‘the important thing is that the…
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Allegri: 'It was silent in the dressing room'

Juventus coach Max Allegri has revealed the dressing room was deathly silent in the dressing room after Juve’s 3-1 win over Maccabi:…
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Inzaghi: "We’d been waiting a long time for this"

After Inter’s hard-fought 1-0 victory over Barcelona to claim second place of Group C within the Champions League, Inzaghi heavily praised his…
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Inter vs Barcelona 1-0: Calhanoglu's screamer sheds light on Nerazzurri's season

With second place of Group C in the Champions League at stake within match-week three, it was Inter who shocked Barcelona in…
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Inzaghi: 'Barcelona play some of the best football in Europe'

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi believes Champions League opponents Barcelona play some of the best football in Europe right now. The Nerazzurri will…
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Spalletti: 'We have to stay switched on'

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti believes his team has to remain switched on, despite their excellent performance against Rangers in the Champions League….
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Max Allegri: 'Di Maria won't play'

Max Allegri has confirmed that winger Angel Di Maria is out of their Champions League match against Benfica. The Juve boss was…
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Inzaghi: "We know that this match will bring us pitfalls, but we want to play it in the best possible way"

With the Champions League set to resume tomorrow as Inter prepare to face Slovakian outfits Viktoria Plzen, Inzaghi previews the significant fixture…
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Serie A Champions League Review: Napoli run trail blazing, Milanese clubs succumb

With the first week of Champions League reaching a curtain closure, here is a round up of the outcomes regarding the Serie…
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Inzaghi: 'We made too many mistakes'

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi was rueful following the Nerazzuri’s 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich: ‘We made too many mistakes’. The German champions…
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Spalletti: 'You never settle for a draw'

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti was happy with his sides 4-1 demolition of Liverpool and insists ‘You never settle for a draw.’ The…
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Inzaghi set to make drastic changes ahead of Bayern fixture

After a series of underwhelming performances from Inter, including their most recent 3-2 defeat to their cross-city rivals Milan, Inzaghi is set…
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Inzaghi: 'Bayern is an opportunity to forget the Derby'

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi believes tonight’s match against Bayern Munich will be an opportunity to forget the Derby defeat to Milan. The…
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Danilo: 'We didn't come here to lose'

Juventus defender Danilo was frustrated by his sides 2-1 Champions League loss to PSG, insisting ‘We didn’t come here to lose’. The…
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Allegri: 'It was a wasted change against PSG'

Juventus coach Max Allegri feels Juventus ‘wasted a chance’ against PSG in their 2-1 defeat in the Champions League. The Bianconeri turned…
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Liverpool v Napoli: Champions League Q&A

The following is a Napoli Q&A session with the Far From Vesuvius Network ahead of the Partenopei’s Champions League match against Liverpool….
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Allegri: 'It's hard to see Pogba back in 2022'

Juventus boss Max Allegri believes Paul Pogba isn’t likely to return this year but it’s pointless to rue the wasted month. The…
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Pioli: 'Salzburg players could follow in Haaland and Mané footsteps'

Milan boss Stefano Pioli believes Champions League opponents RB Salzburg have players who could ‘follow in Erling Haaland and Sadio Mané’s footsteps.’…
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Muller: 'Inter will be an important and decisive match'

Bayern Munich forward Thomas Müller is looking forward to an ‘important and decisive’ match against in the Champions League next week. The…