Agnelli: ‘The Premier League is the Super League’


Juventus President Andrea Agnelli believes there already is a Super League in European football, namely the Premier League. The club chairman spoke at the San Siro yesterday and touched on a number of topics including the Super League, Paulo Dybala’s exit from the club and UEFA, as quoted by Calcio e Finanza:

Dybala gave everything for Juventus, he’s a great player, but decisions are determined by moments. In December, I would have said that signing Dusan Vlahovic was impossible, in January, I thought that it was difficult. I was thinking about a possible agreement, not a transfer.

Making an unsustainable offer would have been unfair for the club and Dybala. There are limited resources and we had to choose how we invested them. We picked Vlahovic, De Ligt, Locatelli…We want to make Juventus younger with a group of Italian players, closer to the fans and the club’s values. Quality players who will allow us to keep our ambitions.

The Super League? Slowly, the Premier League will attract all the talent, which goes where it’s better paid. There is already a Super League.

We could have two English teams in the Champions League Final, one in the Europa League, perhaps against a Scottish one.

There is one Premier League at the start of the season, and another one from March onwards. The current system is locked, the same teams always win domestically. With the Super League, we wanted to create a dialogue with UEFA and FIFA, the definition of the competition’s format is something else and would come later.

UEFA is regulator, judge, commercial operator, monopolist: it is not modern governance and is the focal point for the appeal to the European Court for free competition in the free market. Today there is no dialogue, but the rapport and the shared ideas we have on specific issues remain. Ceferin thought it was a personal attack. It wasn’t.

Chiellini? Giorgio must talk to his family and the club, we’ll meet at the end of the season. Giorgio has a place for him at the club and he knows that, but being a great sportsman doesn’t mean becoming a great executive. I’ve tutored Pavel Nedved, but I had Marotta and Paratici with me. We must be careful in adding too many figures coming from the pitch.

Del Piero is always welcome. He lives with his family in Los Angeles, he works as a pundit and I think he has a happy life. Joining the club means changing lifestyle completely for everyone.”


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