Cannavaro: ‘Juventus not out of the race’


Former Napoli, Inter and Juventus defender Fabio Cannavaro believes Juventus are still in the running for the title this season. The top three in the table are separated by just three points with the Bianconeri just behind them in 4th place.

Speaking to Corriere dello Sport, Cannavaro offered his thoughts on all four teams and what may happen yet in the closest title race for some time:

“I still think that, given the evolution of Juventus, it would be a huge mistake to consider Allegri irremediably excluded from the fight; and Napoli, who lost the other day, are still in the running. It’s a four way match.

Milan? They play against you in the most suitable way to suffocate you and when they attack you, they do it with the elegance and athleticism of Theo Hernandez and Leão.

Inter have a game in hand, but matches must be won, Inzaghi knows this well and is not the type to be lulled into prospects or predictions. Let’s think in the light of what exists: for now, Milan are ahead and the others are more or less detached.

Who will win? I’m not too interested in percentages and there are many variables. For one thing, Juventus are waiting for Inter in Turin. Milan drew with Salernitana and Udinese, who would have thought that? Then they went to Naples and won, against an opponent who seven days earlier had been able to take three points in Rome against Lazio. In such cases, which seem almost extreme, it would be excessive to go and look for a favorite.

We will have fun until the last day or maybe just before. I do not imagine a decisive outcome that will end the title race early: there are thirty points available, which for Inter become thirty-three,  just think about what can happen.

Milan have Giroud scoring decisive goals to make a difference and are about to welcome back Ibrahimovic. Inter have more than one striker. Napoli depend on Osimhen and his ability to guide destiny with his goals. And Juventus have taken a brilliant striker: Vlahovic is capable of defending the ball with his body like few others. He seems a bit tired, because always playing takes away strength, but he’s still young.”


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