De Ligt

De Ligt: ‘The club is giving me more responsibility’


Juventus defender Matthijs De Ligt believes he is being given more responsibility while Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci are on the sidelines. The Dutch international has become a key part of the Bianconeri back-line, attracting the attention of Barcelona and Chelsea in recent months.

I notice that the club is giving me more and more responsibility,” he told Rondo.

Now Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci are struggling with injuries, so I have even more pressure on my shoulders, but I like it. I’ve noticed that I can play an important role.

We are still fighting on three fronts and I am really enjoying myself here. I notice that I learn more every week and I really like that. What Mino said was already three months ago; in that time, so much can change… At the moment, I’m just fully focused on this season.

Inter, Milan and Napoli keep losing points and now we are only seven points behind. We need a miracle, but it already looks better than a few games ago.

We lost Cristiano Ronaldo late in the summer and of course, we lost 30 goals with him. Because it was so late, we couldn’t get someone like Dusan Vlahovic back right away. We certainly missed that in the beginning.

“When I played against Vlahovic, I already noticed how strong and technically good he was. And what particularly appealed to me is that he is so driven to score a goal; he almost scolded teammates when he didn’t get the ball. You need an attacker like that up front.”


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