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De Rossi: “Leverkusen? They’re undefeated, not unbeatable.”


Roma boss Daniele De Rossi was pleased with securing a draw against Napoli and previewed the match against Leverkusen: “They’re undefeated, but there are no unbeatable teams.” The Giallorossi snatched a vital point in Naples with a hard-fought performance, but face a tougher challenge in the Europa League on Thursday. Speaking post-match (via Gazzetta dello Sport), De Rossi talked about the importance of having certain players back from injury ahead of a key game for their season

“This point? It’s worth one. It’s not a result to discard in this stadium, but it’s not what we wanted, and this wasn’t the game we hoped to play,” De Rossi lamented. “Against a team like Napoli, we needed to step up. We didn’t manage to do that. Napoli is strong; they showed the pride of former Italian champions. Against such teams, you need to be cleaner in possession. We lost the ball too often and didn’t play to neutralize their strengths. They had many shots; we needed to do better.”

Despite the challenges, De Rossi found solace in Roma’s resilience throughout the match. “What’s good is that we stayed in the game until the end. We’re doing things properly, especially in terms of results. Our trajectory is positive, and I’m satisfied with the attitude of my players. With heart, intelligence, and experience, you can find a draw, especially in matches like these,” he remarked.

Turning his attention to individual performances, De Rossi highlighted the contributions of certain players. “Ndicka was crucial; besides the assist, he marked a €150 million-rated striker throughout the game. I’m also pleased with Tammy’s goal after his injury. With him and Evan, we’ve recovered two players who have endured hardships,” he noted.

Looking ahead to the Europa League clash against Bayer Leverkusen, De Rossi acknowledged the daunting task ahead. “We must quickly regain strength as we face a formidable opponent. Then we have Juventus, followed by Leverkusen, and immediately after, Atalanta. It’s tough, but we must continue to work well to secure a Champions League spot or win the Europa League,” he stated.

Regarding Leverkusen’s unbeaten record, De Rossi remained undaunted. “How do you beat a team that never loses? For me, Milan was also very strong, and teams like Brighton and Feyenoord intimidated me. Preparing for matches against teams that want to play football is slightly more challenging. We’ll need to be very attentive defensively and try to disrupt their game without possession to unsettle them. They’re undefeated, but there are no unbeatable teams,” he concluded.


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