Frosinone, Angelozzi: “A Top Club Asked for Brescianini”


Frosinone director Guido Angelozzi addressed the club’s activities during the winter transfer window, talking through their dealings. Speaking in a press conference, the former Spezia and Sassuolo CEO, evaluated the clubs dealings, revealing that a top Serie A side were interested in midfielder Marco Brescianini:

“I would like to review what happened from January 1st to February 1st. You knew that this summer, due to various circumstances, I had not signed a defender: I had publicly admitted it, and I was missing, and I accused myself,” Angelozzi began.

Angelozzi continued, “Things initially went well until some misfortunes occurred, injuries. In the January transfer market, we had proposed to make at least two acquisitions, and we signed Zortea and Bonifazi well in advance; the former suffered a strain after a very good game, and the latter also got injured. So, we returned to the market and signed Valeri; we hope everyone returns soon, as the coach needs them. You know me by now; I like to invest in the future: one was Ghedjemis, the other is Isak (Vural). We believe in them, but it takes time.”

Regarding injuries, Angelozzi said, “I am satisfied with the transfer window; we introduced six players and made two exits; few, I wanted more because we have many. Injuries? There have been muscular ones, but many are traumatic. Since we play at high intensity, many teams have them, including Juventus, Milan, and Napoli, which, as structures, are ahead of us as newly promoted. Furthermore, in our case, all injuries have occurred in defense, where we lacked something.”

Discussing the missed departures, Angelozzi stated, “Caso had many requests but chose to stay despite my advice to leave. We have many wingers and attackers; there was the opportunity to improve economically even while remaining in the same category, but he made this choice. It caused us damage, and he did it to himself. I had already sold Baez, but he is a great professional; now he is almost ready to be integrated into the team.” Angelozzi added, “Seck has qualities we did not have. In general, I am not satisfied with the departures; Bidaoui stayed, and we will part ways at the end of the year. We must remain humble; I am proud to work here because Frosinone is a club that respects its employees.”

Reflecting on potential regrets in incoming transfers, Angelozzi expressed, “I would have liked to bring back Zerbin; we had talks with the player, but then there was an unexpected event with Napoli. It was also our fault, as we thought we could make an extra-community player move, and it didn’t go as planned. I regret it.” On transfer requests, he said, “Apart from the one for Soulè, there were requests for Brescianini from a very important club, and also for Mazzitelli. I said we will talk about it again in June.” He also shared an anecdote, “A colleague from a Serie A team told me that Mazzitelli looks like Rijkaard.”

Angelozzi continued, “I didn’t think Brescianini could do what he’s doing. He has proven to excel in three roles consistently; he has a football intelligence above average. He surprised me, and so did Gelli. Ricky Massara called me and said it’s extraordinary; he asked me where I got him. As for buy-backs, it all depends on the category; we’ll see in May.”


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