Gasperini: ‘We won’t underestimate Marseille’


Gian Piero Gasperini believes it would be a mistake to underestimate Marseille ahead of their Europa League semifinal. La Dea will travel to France for the first leg against the Ligue 1 side, and Gasperini is looking forward to playing at the Stade Velodrome:

“We will play in a wonderful stadium, also for the passion they put into it. Fortunately, it’s 11 versus 11, and we’ll have the chance to play on equal terms. We’re having an extraordinary season. Hopefully, May will allow us to finish well. We need to focus on one game at a time; we’ll know our destiny game by game. For now, we’ve made it to the final in Rome, now let’s try to replicate it with another capital like Dublin.”

“Underestimating Marseille? It’s a mistake no one makes. We know very well that every game and every phase of the competition is different. Whoever reaches the top four has their strengths; I expect a Marseille like the one I’ve seen playing in Europe, against Villarreal and Benfica, rather than the one we’ve seen in the league, inconsistent. We’re ready to face the best Marseille. These are highly emotional matches, especially for Atalanta, as reaching a European semifinal in this manner is very important.”

Later, in the press conference, Gasperini added, “Favorites? It matters little now; what counts is how we play on the field. Both teams deserve to be here, and attention should be paid to both. At the moment, we’re focused on the Europa League, which is our priority. We’ve played many decisive matches like tomorrow’s this season. All the called-up players are available. Today, Bakker stopped due to flu, and Musso will be in goal.”

“Fans? It’s a matter of great pride; I’m very happy. Just like at Anfield, tomorrow we’ll play in another fantastic stadium. For a club like ours, without many numbers but with great passion behind it, it’s a significant achievement. Gasset? He managed to lead this team to the Europa League semifinals, making it very flexible: he’s done an excellent job.”

“Respect? It’s pleasing, but we know it needs to be renewed. We have another opportunity to showcase ourselves. The goal is qualification, but also to play with our philosophy in a prestigious stadium. The result then is a consequence.”


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