Gilardino: ‘I’ve signed a contract renewal with Genoa’


Alberto Gilardino confirmed that he’s signed a contract extension with Genoa and wants to continue building on a positive season. The 41-year-old guided the Rossoblù back to Serie A in 2022 and after a string of positive results, he penned a contract extension until June 2024. Speaking after his sides 1-0 defeat to Roma, Gilardino confirmed that he has already signed a new deal and wants to continue working with the team that he’s put together over the last two years:

“We’re frustrated because conceding a goal like that, especially when it’s 10 against 11, is tough to swallow,” Gilardino lamented. “We needed to perform better in those circumstances. However, I must commend the boys for their effort against a strong team with high technical skills and significant objectives.”

Reflecting on the progress made over recent months, Gilardino highlighted the mental growth and resilience of his players. “There has been a notable mental development within the team, with a desire to play proactively and make sacrifices, pushing beyond our limits. This mindset has led to impressive performances, as seen tonight.”

When asked if the match unfolded as he expected, Gilardino affirmed the strategic approach. “Our intention was to structure the game to stifle plays from key players like Baldanzi and Pellegrini. Especially in the first half, we managed to force shots from distance. We coordinated well across the field and maximized our performance. Although we should have avoided conceding that goal despite the numerical advantage, I am satisfied with our overall season.”

Gilardino also shared his contentment regarding his recent contract renewal. “I signed the contract this morning with the director, as planned. I am delighted, as is the club, to continue the work we’ve been doing for the past year and a half. We have solid foundations and need to strengthen our squad with hungry players.”

Emphasizing his commitment to the club, Gilardino said, “I had expressed my desire to the club some time ago to maintain continuity in our project. I feel very comfortable here, and we’ve built something significant, which is crucial for a coach.”

Looking ahead, Gilardino outlined his vision for the team’s future growth. “We aim to solidify our working methods on the field, refine our tactical flexibility, and be adaptable both from the start and during matches. This open-minded approach has been a key part of our success this year, and we plan to build on it.”


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