Giuntoli: ‘Samardzic? We are looking around for bargains’


Juventus director Cristiano Giuntoli suggested the club were happy as they are, playing down transfer links to Lazar Samardzic. The Bianconeri boss was speaking ahead of the clubs 4-0 win over Frosinone in the Coppa Italia and addressed the latest transfer rumours, as well as the future of coach Max Allegri:

“Samardzic? We are happy, we have no special requirements. We look inside if there are opportunities, but so far there haven’t been any”.

“A new midfielder? Let’s see if the conditions are there from a technical and economic point of view. The market is still long, we have no anxiety. We are happy with the squad we have, we are doing extraordinary things, first and foremost the coach.”

“Coppa Italia? It’s an important event, we want to do well, give satisfaction to the fans, an important and difficult match. Frosinone puts everyone in difficulty’.

“Allegri? I’m proud to work with him. Will he reach 500 games with club? Even 600, 700, he has no limits.”


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